Sims 4 June patch: Saves crashing on load – fix rolled out

The Sims 4 base game received a huge free update this week with one of the biggest patches the game has ever seen rolled out. But the patch caused a few issues in itself. Modders and custom content creators have been hard at work fixing any conflicts with their mods, but the Sims team themselves had to fix a couple of issues.

Some Simmers experienced an issue with loading save files after installing the patch. The game would simply shutdown without giving any error when loading some save files. Some thought that it might be related to mods or custom content, but it turns out it was a known issue to the Sims team.

An update has now been rolled out to address this. According to the official patch notes for the quick fix on 4 June:

  • Fixed an issue in which the game crashed or quit upon loading game saves that were created prior to the June 3rd update.
  • Fixed an issue in which Error code 122:1c9cf40 would appear and loaded the Manage World screen and prompted Simmers to restart the game.

What to do if your game is still crashing after the June patch

If you are still experiencing an issue with loading save files from The Sims, alert them on the official EA Help Forum here.

The patch mentioned here was only applicable to PC and Mac players at the timing of writing with the Sims team saying they are working on rolling out the same for console players ASAP.