sims 4 kits explained

Sims 4 Kits confirmed: All the details we know so far

The Sims 4 will be introducing a new type of content pack called a Sims  4 Kits in the near future. The concept was confirmed by the official Sims Twitter account after the revelation was discovered in the game code.

The Tweet read: Well, we were hoping to surprise you with new content, but since you beat us to the SugarFizz Juice Keg…#TheSims4Kits are coming! Stay tuned for more details on 2 March.

There was no time given on when the details might be revealed on 2 March, or if these Sims 4 Kits would be launching on the same day.

Each of the three Sims 4 Kits has a clear focus on either build/buy items, Create-a-Sim assets or gameplay. Detailed descriptions, screens and even icons were found for three Sims 4 Kits. They are: Throwback Fit, Country Kitchen and Bust the Dust. At least one of these new Kits (Bust the Dust) will include two new aspirations.

A user also left a comment on the Sims Community website this weekend, sharing screenshots of the welcome screens for the kits – including the items that these will include.

The Country Kitchen Kit will add 15 new build/buy items and the Throwback Fit Kit will include 23 new CAS items. The Bust the Dust Kit adds only five new items – all of them vacuums – but the focus of this Kit is clearly more on the gameplay and it includes a new “dust system” which can be enabled or disabled from the game options. Kits will also have their own section on the Sims 4 main menu screen, sitting next to packs rather than as a part of it.

The Sims 4 Kits seem to be a sort of micro-content offering, similar to The Sims 3 Store and are described in the code as ?mini bits of content designed to enhance the way you play?.

While it is clear – both from the descriptions in the code and by the confirmation from The Sims – that these are different to Stuff Packs, the naming convention used for these Kits might tell us something about what to expect from future content.

All three kits are prefixed with the SP variant ? usually reserved for Stuff Packs and follow on from Paranormal Stuff – Stuff Pack 19 – to make up  SP20, 21 and 22. An additional ‘subtype? pack called ?Kit? has been added, too.

Considering the substantial Stuff Packs The Sims 4 has released recently, this could be a way to make Stuff Packs more substantial or merging them with Game Packs as a more mid-range DLC offering. Sims 4 Kits, then, would be the perfect type of micro-transactional content to keep the game fresh if the wait for expansions and game packs might be longer than usual.

You can read the detailed descriptions for all three of the upcoming Sims 4 Kits here.