The Sims 4 Laundry List for April 2021 has been released

Update: The Laundry List for April 2021 has been published and added below. At the time of writing, there was no official announcement about when the next base game patch will be out.

The Sims 4 will release the monthly laundry list for upcoming fixes on Tuesday, 13 April 2021. The official Sims Twitter account revealed the information by responding to a player’s question on Monday.

The Laundry List is a short blog post by The Sims 4 team which highlights some of the key issues the team is working on ahead of the monthly base game update. While not all of the issues on the list will be fixed, it is an attempt to communicate more effectively with players.

It is a new addition by The Sims 4 team and was only announced in February during the 21st anniversary live stream for the franchise, so it is not possible to speculate exactly how comprehensive the list might be. The first Sims 4 Laundry List was published just over a month ago in March. It was kept short and sweet, simply listing the bugs the team is busy working on.

While the bug list for The Sims 4 is quite extensive, one major issue that has cropped up is custom content chairs no longer being functional when slotted next to a table. There is a batch fix available for the broken CC chairs by using The Sims 4 Studio, but this will remove all CC chairs from save files.

While the Sims 4 does not officially support CC, issues like these sometimes affect the official game’s content, too. Last year, when windows were made stackable, CC windows glitched, but there were problems with clipping of some of EA’s own content, too.

The broken CC chairs is not quite the same as windows, however, if the update relates to modular furniture being added by EA, there might be a fix in the works for this, too.

The Sims 4 official Laundry List: April 2021

Welcome to the Laundry List where we?ll share a list of the top community concerns that we?re currently investigating and hope to have resolved in the upcoming patch.

These concerns were reported by players who help us continue our work of improving the user experience on a regular basis.

Please note that some topics can be tricky and require an extended investigation on our end, so even though we are actively investigating it’s not a guarantee that we?ll have an immediate fix for it in the upcoming patch.

Also note that this is just a list of the ?top? concerns. There are more topics that we saw reported by players that are not listed and being worked on.

So, without further ado, here is a list of the top community concerns we?re currently investigating:

  • [DU] Social Panel always saves organisation tab
  • [SE] Extreme Sports: High intensity slope not registering
  • Gallery showing wrong packs used
  • [CL] When Using ‘Get Leftovers’ Vegetarian Sims Get Meat Items
  • [V] Sims don’t drink fish/frog pack plasma autonomously
  • [S] Unable to complete ‘grand meal’ event after eating fish dinner
  • [DU] Mental Magister trait has no icon/should be hidden
  • [ECO] Maker Mentor moodlet icon is missing
  • [ECO] [GT] [DU] Traits not in Club menu
  • [S] Show in the Rain No Longer Works
  • [PSP] [BDK] No dust in my haunted houses