One Simmer has a good point about that leaked Sims 4 game pack icon

Speculation around the new Sims 4 game pack continues after the icon for the new release was accidentally leaked last Sunday. Or maybe it wasn?t accidental, who knows.

There are many theories about what this game pack might be ? ranging from a Star Wars crossover or outer space, the possibility of a winter resort pack and even theories about an Atlantis/underwater sort of pack.

One thing that has been foxing Simmers in the community is the icon itself. It looks distinctly different compared to the other game pack icons because the colours are inversed. That has led to all sorts of speculation as to why this might be.

But on the official Sims forums, one user made a good point ? in a roundabout way. The user  @LeGardePourpre was actually not convinced that the leak is real – despite the fact that it appeared on the official Sims website. But that led to a good point.

The leaked icon for the new Sims 4 game pack does look distinctly different to others on the leak, but it’s not actually that different at all when looking at how icons appear in the artwork of previous packs or on trailers. The “reversing” of the icon is what has led to much of the speculations around it being underwater (with the colours reversed) or about a space theme (with the light ray being a beam) or a winter pack of sorts.

But take a look at some other icons from previous Sims 4 packs – these appeared both as official assets and on the trailers of some packs.

Sims 4 Pack Icons Backgrounds

That “light beam” might just be the Sims 4 usual style and nothing special at all. When the icon is inverted (with apologies to graphic designers everywhere), we’re left with something like this.

Sims Leaked Pack Reversed

That doesn’t help much with solving the mystery – it does aid the Star Wars-inspired crossover theory, though.

It is entirely possible that the icon has not been rendered in its final state. The icon visible on the leaked Sims 4 game pack screenshot might just have been a “place holder” of sorts (the version that would go on a trailer for example) – until the designs for the game were finished off.