How to move into Destination Worlds in The Sims 4 without mods

Glitches in The Sims 4 can be as hysterical as they are frustrating. Once in a while, they can also be quite useful. Last year, The Sims 4 added an update that allowed players to add a rental lot in all worlds, meaning Sims could take a vacation anywhere.

Sims 4 vacation worlds, most notably Granite Falls and Selvadorada, remained exclusively vacation worlds. Modders have been making it possible to vacation and live in all worlds since way before EA released their update, but for players who prefer not using these, there is a loophole (read: glitch) that makes it possible to live in Sims 4 vacation worlds.

The only caveat is that you need to own The Sims 4 Paranormal Stuff, since part of this trick involves the Haunted House Lot Type that came with the pack.

Sims can live in both Granite Falls and Selvadorada with this workaround and you might want to turn on the Sims 4 freebuild cheat, just in case.

Step-by-step: Letting Sims live in vacation worlds without mods

The process ?is a bit convoluted. At times, it might feel like you are getting it all wrong. But trust yourself and stick with it. Also, do check the date on this article when you read it and make sure that that there has not been a Sims 4 update or patch released to fix it.

The first step requires changing the Lot Type in the vacation world where your Sims to live. Head over to the vacation world and enter one of the rental lots in build mode, without any Sims vacationing there.

sims 4 move into destination worlds how to 1

In the top left corner, change the lot type from Vacation Rental to Haunted House Residential. You can place the house you have in mind for your Sims at this point if you like, too, but it does not matter if you do not.

Toggle back to manage worlds after saving the change. The next bit is where you might feel like things are a bit out of whack, but stick with it.

You cannot move Sims into the lot in the ?usual? way. If you try to manage your households and try to move a family into The Sims 4 destination world of your choice, you will not be able to do so.

sims 4 move into destination worlds how to 5

However, if you first select the lot you have changed and then choose the option to create a household to move in, it will work. You can add one of the households from your library through CAS by replacing or merging the ?new? one.

Once you?re done, save your household and you will be greeted with the usual ?Moving With? screen. You will still not be able to select the Sims 4 Destination Worlds, but you shouldn?t need to ? just do not click out of the moving screen.

sims 4 move into destination worlds how to 4

If your Sim cannot afford the lot, just bulldoze it or opt to move into it unfurnished. Once you have clicked the green tick  mark, you might still see the ?moving with? message at the top of your screen.

At this point, it should be okay to click the x as your household should be moved in already.

sims 4 move into destination worlds how to 2

To confirm, toggle back into the Destination World where you moved your Sim into and you should see you?re the household in the lot you selected with the Haunted House Residential Lot Type making it possible for them to live in the vacation world permanently.

A final caveat on this loophole. I have not personally played through a save with a family to see how this method impacts save files ? both new and existing.

At first glance, it was also not apparent if you will have to play through (or cheat through) the Haunted House Residential Lot challenge ? with Guidry and Temperance haunting your Sims for seven days. That play through is next on the list, however, and this post will be updated accordingly if there are any glaring glitches.