This Sims 4 mod makes custom content filtering much easier

If you use Sims 4 custom content, you will know that managing it can become quite tricky. If you enjoy building in The Sims 4 and you want to share your builds on the gallery, it is not advised to pack it with Sims 4 CC.

Twisted Mexi Better Build Buy Mod Debug (5)

For builders who have a huge custom content collection, CC sometimes slips into those builds accidentally.

Obviously, if you are building for the gallery, you can disable mods and custom content when you want to build specifically to share to the gallery.

Or you can just move your CC folder out of your Sims 4 mods folder. That will require restarting the game as you move things around, though. Not ideal.

But thanks to TwistedMexi’s new Sims 4 mod, that process just got a whole lot easier. We have already looked at just how game-changing this mod is in terms of debug objects in build/buy mode, but this mod has so many great features, it’s worth highlighting each function’s worth individually.

How to easily manage Sims 4 CC in-game with a mod

TwistedMexi’s Better BuildBuy mod for The Sims 4 makes the process of filtering custom content in-game super simple. Because of the new filters added, you can turn off CC or show only CC objects in the catalogue.

The video below shows a quick overview of how the filter works (thanks to one of lilsimsie’s builds for modelling this mod for us).


If you’re looking to take your build game to the next level, we highly recommend checking out TwistedMexi’s Better BuildBuy mod on Patreon and making a donation if you can.