Sims 4 mods: Critical patch for TwistedMexi?s Better BuildBuy released

Last week, we wrote about a new mod by TwistedMexi that has changed Build/Buy mode forever. Simply called Better BuildBuy, the mod adds the ability to filter debug mode and makes it easier to find items that can sometimes get lost. Or items you forgot even existed in debug mode.

V1 Better Buildbuy Patch Twisted Mexi Mod Update

There were, however, a few issues with stability. The mod was completely usable, but it did cause game crashes at random times, usually if there were other script mods installed, too.

TwistedMexi has fixed the issues and released a critical patch for the Better BuildBuy mod. Here’s what the update on Patreon said:

This is a critical update for Better BuildBuy. The original release had possible scenarios where the game would crash upon entering buildbuy or selecting a filter. All of these have been corrected in v1.1 and?you should update immediately. I also added a few minor Quality of Life improvements.

Better BuildBuy patch notes:

Fixed multiple race conditions that led to random crashes. I apologize for any confusion this caused, due to its random nature it was very difficult to confirm any reports of crashing. I was finally able to reproduce a reported problem and resolved it from there.

If you’re wondering what a race condition is, it’s where two parts of code are running in parallel and if x runs before y, it’s fine, but if y runs before x, you get a crash.

Content Filters (Debug, LiveEdit, Hide Maxis, CC) are now saved and reloaded even when you quit the game. This means if you want CC on, it will stay on permanently until you turn it back off.

Fixed an EA bug where Show All is mistakenly set as the default function dropdown. Show All can be slow to load and in code it’s obvious it’s meant to be Comfort by default, but is mistakenly overridden when it checks the last used dropdown setting and gets an empty result. I’ve fixed this to still select Comfort if the setting is empty.

How to update the Better BuildBuy mod

Head over to TwistedMexi’s Patreon page and follow the instructions for how to update the mod.