Sims 4 CC skin tones to improve the game

In recent weeks, the issue with lack of diverse skint tones in The Sims 4 has finally gotten the attention it deserves. That it has taken six years to get to this point is a shame, but the team has vowed that improvements will roll out in the near future.

We also know that some EA playtesters have been sent an invite for exclusive Sims feedback sessions scheduled for later in September and again in October.

It will take some time before those updates roll out, though. Luckily, modders and Sims 4 custom content creators are here to save the day (again).

There are many great creators out there, so if you feel that we have missed somebody off the list, please send us a message to hello at extra time dot media.

If you are looking to make your game more diverse, including skin tones that actually improve on the ones available in the base game, here are some suggestions.

If you are new to using Sims 4 custom content, make sure you read the installation instructions from the creators carefully after you have downloaded these CC skin tones.  

In some cases, these CC skin tones will replace the default ones in The Sims 4 ? so make sure you read the notes from the creators carefully.

Sims 4 custom content: More diverse skin tones

All the images used in these previews belong to the creators.

lamatisse: bare

Sims 4 Skintone Custom Content Velvet Scout Bare

This is a non-default skin tone pack which will not replace the ones in your game. These Sims 4 CC skin tones come in four different undertones with 25 swatches per tone. All of them include normal, tanned and burned states, too. You can grab the bare cc skin tone pack over here. Check out here other content, too, while you’re there.

xmiramira: Melanin Pack

Melanin Pack 2 Skintones Cc Sims 4

Perhaps the most popular or well-known skin tone pack, this pack features 54 different skin tones. xmiramira also has other mods and CC available for download.

Frenchie Sim: Skintone overhaul

Following on from her?Skintone Fixer mod, this will replace the default skin tones and fix the issues with the current Sims 4 skin tones in the game. They are Maxis Match textures and compatible with both packs already mentioned.

escapingpotplant: Fixed skin tones

Peacmaker Skintone Set

Another default replacement, which focuses specifically on fixing the existing issue of the current skin tones in the game.

Peacemaker: The Other Side

Peacmaker Skintone Set 1

Peacemaker is an incredible Sims 4 CC creator. While known for incredible build-buy objects, this pack adds new skin colours in light and dark complexions.