sims 4 new building historical style pack

The Sims 4: Does this concept artist spec hint at future pack?

While we were all getting hyped about the Sims 4 June patch and the release of the new Eco Lifestyle expansion pack, a new advert appeared on the EA careers’ portal. Posted on 29 May 20200, the job is for a six-month contract position, specifically for The Sims 4.

Adverts like this appear all the time, but the wording of this one is quite interesting.

Part of the advert says the concept artist for The Sims 4 must be able to “flawlessly execute the existing style. Equally as important is your ability to design new and appealing real-world assets (furniture, clothing, etc.)”.

It adds that tasks “might” include high-level environment explorations and developing a new furniture suite, fashion design or a developing a new architectural style. It then adds this line: ” You need to have an understanding of historical styles, and an ability to blend multiple styles or reinterpret them in a fresh and aesthetically pleasing manner.”

Historical styles are the part of this that stands out. Since the contract is for six months and it was posted in May, it could suggest that this is for the content beyond the current ‘six-month road map?. That road map, released in April, is set to run until October. It included an expansion pack (already released), a game pack (still to come) and a stuff pack (most likely the Nifty Knitting community-voted pack).

The Sims 4 looking for somebody with an understanding of historical styles of architecture might suggest that there is a new pack in the works that was borne out of the recent April survey. On that survey, amongst other things, was a question about which new worlds players might be interested in.

These included:

  • Brazilian Beach Town
  • South African City
  • Spanish City
  • Korean City
  • Swiss Mountain Town
  • Chinese Countryside
  • Scottish Highlands
  • Italian Vineyards
  • Greek Islands
  • Costa Rican Rainforest

Many of these (if not all) would require a very specific style of architecture to be designed for the game.  Also remember that there have been a lot of hints about ?travelling?. Might that time travel pack for The Sims 4 actually be a thing like many of have speculated?

Hrm. We?ll keep our ear to the ground. Oh, the pun we did here with the headline… totally unintended.

Dag, dag!