Sims 4 Renovate For Profit Home Decorator Career (7)

New Sims 4 Game Pack trailer to be revealed on 20 May 2021

The next Game Pack for The Sims 4 will be unveiled on Thursday at 17:00 South African time (8:00 Pacific Time). There have been a few theories about the theme of the pack – ranging from werewolves, bands and heist, with the potential for the return of burglar NPCs.

But The Sims released a teaser for the upcoming Game Pack ahead of the reveal, and it could be something entirely different. The Sims published a series of quotes from some famous Sims alongside the caption: Seeking creatives.

When the “Sims Summer Line Up” (northern hemisphere) for The Sims was announced earlier in the week, the introduction text mentioned that players could “snag a creative career” with the upcoming pack. Snag might be seen as a reference to heists – and the descriptions on the objects for the newly recently Courtyard Oasis Kit certainly has plenty of references to thievery.

However, creative might be the operative word with snag, in this instance, perhaps referencing a ‘problem’ – like a broken sink or needing a new kitchen.

So now there is another theory to add to the mix: Renovator game pack. While it is technically possible to DIY a house flipper career in The Sims 4 already, previous community surveys have focussed on creating a whole town as a possible addition to The Sims 4.

Here’s what the survey for something like a Town Life pack for The Sims 4 featured – some of these elements have already been implemented in some other configuration, of course, but others make for potentially very interesting features.

Create a vibrant and evolving new town for your Sims to explore! Build out your town with new venues including pop-up restaurants, coffee shops, farmers? markets, amongst others. Change the rules of your town by becoming Mayor and making your own laws or use new neighbourhood editing tools to fully customize your town as you see fit.

Brand New Venues: Visit a variety of new places around town including restaurants, coffee shops, and laundromats.

Community Events: Participate in new events happening all over town! Buy fresh groceries from the famers? market or have a fancy dinner at an exclusive pop-up restaurant.

Be the Mayor: Get into a career as a local politician! Start off as a community organizer, setting up protests at the new City Hall venue. Get enough support and become the Mayor, making new laws that affect the whole world!

Customize the Town: Decorate your entire town with the new neighbourhood editing tools. Control which Sims visit the town and even which ones move in with a variety of new options.

That same survey also had potential career ideas for something that might come with a Sims 4 Game Pack that centres around building – one of those was, yep, you guessed it: interior decorator. Here’s the full list of careers and their descriptions as per that survey.

Maid Career: As a maid for hire you?ll be helping Sims keep their homes clean, but you?ll also be learning their deepest secrets in the process.

Personal Stylist Career: Become a personal shopper and outfit your clients with the latest fashions in clothing, makeup, and accessories.

Architect Career: Using Build Mode, you?ll get to design and build houses and venues for all of your neighbours and fellow citizens of your town ? for a fee of course.

Interior Decorator: With an eye for interior design, you?ll get to design styled rooms for all of your clients.

Well-known pre-made Sims featured in the three images The Sims shared on Twitter ahead of the new Game Pack announcement. Alongside the Sims, there was a quote that seemingly relates to some sort of home makeover, renovation or decorating projects. These were (images also below):

I need a walk in closet big enough to accommodate my ego. Something sleek and modern.
Looking to turn a tired dining room into a painter’s studio
My wife wants a playroom on a budget. And it has to be purple. Can you help?

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sims 4 new game pack announcement may

The trailer will debut on the official Sims YouTube channel, you can also watch it live below – or watch the replay once it has premiered.