sims 4 new game pack viking middle ages theory

Sims 4 new game pack: Viking or Middle Ages theory

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Update: The new Sims 4 game pack was revealed on Thursday as The Sims 4 Star Wars: Journey to Batuu. The initial response has not been great. You can read about some questions we still have about what the game play for the Sims 4 Star Wars pack will include or watch the trailer for newThe Sims 4 game pack here.

Here we go again. Sorry, not sorry. It has now been almost three weeks since the new Sims 4 game pack logo was leaked on the official website and we’re still no closer to any official confirmation.

So of course we are going to speculate. As always, before we go any further, please remember that this is just speculation.

Nothing has been confirmed by EA or Maxis or The Sims team. We do not  know anything. We do not claim to know anything. We only enjoy coming up with possible theories about what the new Sims 4 game pack might be while we pass the time. Cool?

Right, then? with that out of the way, let’s get into our new theory about the Sims 4 game pack being inspired by the Vikings.

Latest Sims 4 game pack hints: 947

This theory is not actually that out there considering the Norse Mythology theory we had previously considered.

Recently, Mischief Maker In Chief, Sim Guru George, shared a few more cryptic messages on Twitter. These days, we take everything with a pinch of salt, but if we are going to go down a rabbit hole of speculation, you bet we are going to go all the way.

Something that stood out was the number 947. Now, of course, that’s quite easy to shrug off as not meaning anything. And, at the time, we kind of did.

But, dear reader, we have committed fully to this rabbit hole so do join us on this journey. Sit tight, this might take a while.

Poor Sim Guru Ninja has been through the most this week with Simmers going speculation crazy, so we’re sorry, Dave, but tag… you are it again. Dave changed his cover image on Twitter recently.

Sim Guru Ninja Header Change Twitter

Seems innocent enough, right? It probably is (remember what we said about this being all speculation). But when you are a Sims 4 fan starved of information and desperate for an epic new game pack – a major first, remember – then you see things a bit differently.

We know, we know, there are three different bears here, but we’re trying to think big and biased (because would love a back in time sort of pack – and it would fit perfectly with the off-the-grid gameplay).

The bears, it turns out, come from concept art of The Sims Medieval. Noting special so far, right? Well, until you start considering when the Middle Ages were. And who ruled them.

The Sims 4 new game pack: Viking theory

Remember that Norse Mythology theory we toyed with? Let’s revisit it and go a slightly different route with it. Eric Bloodaxe was a Viking from Norway who arrived in England in 947.

Woah. Come on down, Alice, things are about to get wild. The history books say ol’ Eric had a bit of a spree. If history is your thing, we encourage you to fall down the rabbit hole of Vikings in England.

But back to the matter at hand: Vikings as the next Sims 4 game pack. We know it might be a bit of a stretch, but while we were falling down our rabbit hole, the architecture of ancient castles in England stood out.

One likeness that stood out quite a lot was Lindisfarne Castle. Now, this specific castle was not built until 1550, but it is built on a border that was often attacked by Vikings.

And, most pertinently, Lindisfarne is part of the Kingdom of Northumbria the very kingdom that ol’ Eric was stomping around in for a wee while. See the image below.

Sims 4 new game pack: Viking theory

Actually, quite a few of the ruins or repaired castles around the north of England (a key entry point during the Viking age) has a similar shape to parts of the leaked Sims 4 game pack icon. This is Clifford’s Tower in York – Viking reenactments are held here to this day.

sims 4 viking theory

Oh and remember the Pig Chef that might have been a hint or might? Remember that his chalkboard said: wipe it clean every night and start again? Well, Go Go Gadget Theory stretch, hear us out.

In Viking/Norse beliefs, the S?hr?mnir is a creature which was sometimes believed be a boar or a pig that was eaten every night. The next day it would be alive again. In the Prose Edda book Gylfaginning and specifically states that S?hr?mnir is a boar

The three circles in the air? Well, what if they are the Viking shields? Something a little bit like these. With our sincere apologies to graphic designers everywhere.

Sims 4 Viking Game Pack Theory

We know that still doesn’t account for the apparent “beam” in the logo and space/Star Wars theory is probably still the front runner in terms of theories that are realistic… but we can dream, right?

We’re going to take this one and run with it for a little while. You know, leaks are like puppets, reach deep enough and you can make them say anything.