New Sims 4 pack speculation: Possible bed and breakfast hints

Note: Unless stated as confirmed by The Sims 4 at the time of writing, speculation posts are just that – speculation and theories. Read the latest Sims 4 rumours and pack speculation theories here. Or see all the latest news and updates for The Sims 4 here.

The Sims 4 will be getting a new expansion pack soon and an announcement is imminent. How imminent, we do not know for sure, but obviously that means we are all sniffing around for clues.

We have a few theories already. There’s one about how the next expansion could be a winter-vacation pack, or possibly a crime and justice pack. We even considered the possibility of ?building your own town? as an expansion pack ? especially with all the new debug building shells recently patched in.

Sims 4 Bed And Breakfast Romance Pack Speculation

But there is also a new Sims 4 stuff pack coming out sometime soon. Since expansion packs usually get released in the latter part of the year, we have to consider the possibility that some of the hints we are seeing might relate to a stuff pack.

A recent leak on Origin of an unnamed stuff pack for The Sims 4 was confirmed as real, but details about the mystery pack remain just that ? a mystery.

Both the official Sims 4 Twitter account and one of the Sim Gurus did respond to the leak confirmation with a romance theme, though, and now we might have something else.

Are Sim Gurus hinting at something related to breakfast?

The recent Sims 4 update patched in the ability for Sims to elope to a vacation world. Well, we say elope, it’s actually a bit simpler than that ? you can read our guide about how eloping to a vacation world works over here.

This week, both Sim Guru Ninja and Sim Guru George sent two innocuous Tweets about breakfast.

Innocent as these messages might appear (and we know they might be completely unrelated), we also know that The Sims team are notorious for hiding hints in things.

Sims 4 new pack speculation: Bed and breakfast, romance and honeymoons

When these Tweets are considered in the context of the responses to the stuff pack leak and the recent patch updates, what if it hints towards a bed and breakfast type of pack that allows Sims to go on honeymoon?

We still aren?t convinced that such a pack would be extensive enough to be developed into an expansion pack, but Sims 4 stuff packs have been really good at adding gameplay features recently.

The Tiny Living pack added the new tiered-lot trait while Nifty Knitting added both Plopsy and knitting.

We cannot rule out the possibility that these hints might be about a new Sims  4 stuff pack rather than the new expansion. But we can?t rule out that it does not refer to the expansion either. Or, you know, that they are just fun messages shared on social media.

The wait continues.