Sims Obsessed Baking Cakes Pack Hint Maybe

Sims and their baking obsession – probably Eco Lifestyle-related

Update: Upon further investigation, we suspect that this oddity might relate to the N.A.P system that was introduced with Eco Lifestyle, particularly the Foodies United NAP. We’ll update this post in future should we discover more.

Last week it was random strangers showing up uninvited and baking cakes in The Sims 4. Now it’s the Sims themselves who can?t stop baking. In our game today, Olive Tinker baked three cakes in the space of a few Sim hours. And you thought the whole compulsive knitting thing was bad.

So, what’s going in in the land of The Sims 4 with all this cake baking, then? We can only speculate, but some Simmers believe that the next Sims 4 expansion pack could be a reality TV themed pack ? which would include a chef-style competition.

The reality TV theme had been brought up in surveys of possible future content before, but it wasn?t expanded on much ? so we hardly gave it a second thought.

However, in the last few weeks, the Sim Gurus themselves have been all over Twitter with their own version of a cook-off ? whatever you call the social media version of that.

Initially, we thought it might just be a little bit of fun (is it ever just that with The Sims 4 team?). Then we wondered whether they might be hinting at some sort of bed-and-breakfast something or the other.

And then we found that old survey with a reality TV theme given as a possible option for future Sims content.

We know that not everything is a hint. There is also the chance that all of this could be something relating to an update to existing content (like the Dine Out pack) or could just be about a new Stuff Pack – you know the one that was leaked and confirmed, but we don’t know much detail about yet.

This whole baking obsession thing seemed a bit sudden. However, after a quick search, it appears as if this is not entirely new behaviour.

As far back as June 2020, Simmers on Reddit shared that their Sims were up to this exact nonsense. Back then, Sims were also obsessing over Future Cubes and lumps of clay. The baking weirdness never happened in any of our saves, but it’s clearly been a thing. We haven’t seen either of those two objects for a while, but the baking obsession remains.

Ah, the great mysteries of being a Simmer. Perhaps this means that our hope of the new expansion pack – set to be announced in the coming weeks – to be something like a create your own town type of back, might still have some legs.