Sims 4 official patch notes for July 2021 post Cottage Living bug fixes

Just when you thought it was safe to update your mods and unleash all your custom content back into your game, there’s another update out for The Sims 4. Well, in theory this latest update should not have much of an impact on mods and CC. Not to the extent the previous update did anyway.

Nevertheless, you know the drill by now: back up your folders and slowly add your custom content back into your game.

The latest Sims 4 update is an ’emergency’ patch of sorts, a patch to fix a patch, if you will.

Sims 4 official patch notes for the update on 27 July 2021

As usual, these are taken from the official Sims forum and edited only for style and brevity where applicable.

PC: / Mac:

Console: Version 1.45

Hello Simmers!

This update resolves issues from our last game update. Thanks again for your patience and feedback. We appreciate it.


Bug Fixes

Before telling you about the bug fixes we made in this update, I wanted to mention that in the last patch notes there was a slight mistake when referring to the improvements for Gallery and downloading a lot made with the bb.moveobjects cheat. For players, it actually means that you don’t need to manually activate the cheat prior to placing a lot from the Gallery for the objects to be exactly where the creator put them. Sorry for the confusion!

Oh! And if you are worried about Trophies and/or Achievements, this improvement doesn?t hinder either.


For Simmers on PlayStation, Cottage Living now appears among the Expansion Packs in the ?Packs? section of the Main Menu. We also reinstated Cats & Dogs there as it had wandered off as well.

For Simmers on Xbox, Cottage Living now shows its price on its information page from the Main Menu. Cats & Dogs and My First Pet Stuff have also returned and now take you to the bundle page on the Microsoft Store instead of a page saying it was Unavailable.

The Sims 4

  • Actors, Decorators, and Freelancers all? Sims in Gig-based careers once again can accept Gigs from the Career panel to earn those precious Simoleons. Make it werrrrk!
  • Zoomers Food Delivery has trained their delivery Zoomers (or is it Zoomies? Think about it!) to ACTUALLY deliver the food Sims have ordered. We apologize for all those missed meals.

Cats & Dogs

Pets in pre-existing households now are back with their households. Their absence just was not right – Pets are as much part of the Household as the Ghosts? just sayin?.

Island Living

New Mermaids no longer lose their tails and Hydration bar when swimming. For Mermaids made between the previous update and this one, you can restore their ?Mermaidness? by eating Mermadic Kelp to become human and eating it again to become a Mermaid. You can also use the cheat “traits.equip_trait trait_OccultMermaid_TYAE” as a workaround as well.