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Sims 4 OMSP Red Shelf + Invisible Slot Filler makes building a breeze

Here's how to avoid objects snapping to random grids - like the slots on platforms or the existing ones on objects in The Sims 4 build mode.

Sims 4 Red Shelf Invisible Slot Filler Build Trick

Whether you like to build The Sims 4 or not, chances are you have heard of the OMSP Shelf or The Red Shelf as it is affectionately known.

Admittedly, despite being a keen builder, it was not until recently that the value of the OMSP Shelf became apparent. Since it will be flagged as custom content in any builds uploaded to the gallery, I?ve always avoided it.

However, thanks to a few useful YouTube tutorials (you can watch one of them below), I learned there is a way to still get all the benefits of The Red Shelf when building in The Sims 4 and avoid any CC complications.

But if you want to use the shelf without including it in any of the builds you want to upload, it can get a bit tricky at times, especially with the glitches in build mode ever since the Sims 4 Snowy Escape update that added platforms to the base game.

As you will see in the tutorial videos below, removing the Red Shelf before uploading will require the good old holding-ALT and dragging trick in build mode.

Most of the time this works perfectly fine. Except when there are slots on objects you do not want to use. Or when there is a platform placed directly behind the wall you are building on.

In some cases, objects will still forcibly snap themselves to the grid ? on the objects themselves or, most annoyingly, onto the slots on the platforms behind these objects.

Luckily, there is a super simple solution thanks to another genius piece of CC which I?ve been using for ages. Don?t worry, though, like with the Red Shelf, you can still use it and remove it later to avoid your uploads being marked as CC.

Using The Sims 4 Red Shelf + Invisible Slot Filler for easy clutter builds

The Invisible Slot Filler by The International House of Waffle is an amazingly simple yet tremendously useful item that makes building in general much easier.

As you might have guessed from the name, it’s an invisible object that fills up all the available slots on any surface, making free-placing a breeze.

Combined with The Sims 4 OMSP Red Shelf, it eliminates almost all of these, annoying little glitches when building. For an example of this, see the GIF below.

Red Shelf Invisible Slot Filler Winner Combo Sims 4 Builds

Deleting all the Invisible Slots after placing

Depending on where you are using the slots, you can either follow the creator?s tutorial from their Tumblr (where you can also download the Invisible Slot Filler from).

Or, to make sure you really do get rid of all of the slots, you can simply remove it from your mods folder and open your game again. You?ll be greeted with the message that ?items have been removed?. Don?t worry ? that?s all the slots.

Sims 4 Removing Invisible Slot Filler After Use

Since there are no objects occupying the slots, the layout of your build should not be affected and the objects shouldn’t disappear.

Remember, if you want to also delete the Red Shelf to avoid uploads being flagged as having CC, you cannot place any objects on it – even if they are invisible. This combination does not change that, it just avoids the snapping-to-grid problems.

Where to find the OMSP Red Shelf and Invisible Slot filler for The Sims 4

As already mentioned, you can download the Invisible Slot Filler by International House of Waffle for The Sims 4 from the creator’s Tumblr over here. Once you have installed it to your mods folder (remember to turn CC and mods on in your game options), you can find it by using the text search function in Build/Buy mode.

Sims 4 Invisible Slot Filler Find In Build Buy Search

The OMSP Red Shelf by amoebae for The Sims 4 can also be found on the creator’s Tumblr over here. The shelf should appear in the surfaces category in Build/Buy mode.

In both cases, make sure to read the creator’s instructions. There are a few variants of the Red Shelf, so make sure you download only one – and the one that is most suitable to your style of building.

The Sims 4: OMSP Red shelf tutorial – avoiding the CC flag

This neat tutorial by MsGryphi is a great introduction to using the shelf, if you have never used it before. There are many others, though, including some far more in depth ones. Every day is a school day.

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