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New Sims 4 mod promises the [open] world

There’s a new mod for The Sims 4 that allows players to indulge in an open world and even drive cars.

Sims 4 Open World Mod Expansion

Did you get the punny headline? Did you like it? Please say you liked it and it?s not all for nothing. Okay, fine, this is not about bad puns.

There’s a new Sims 4 mod that’s got lots of people talking. The back story is quite something. Like many people around the world, Arnie lost his job due to COVID-19 earlier in 2020. Grim as it was, the free time allowed Arnie to spend more time creating Sims 4 stuff.

And what creations they are.

New mod for The Sims 4: Brookheights is an open world

The recently released trailer for the Brookheights Open World mod looks pretty incredible. Open worlds – or at least the ability to enhance existing ones – is something Simmers have asked for pretty much since The Sims 4 launched over six years ago.

While modders like TwistedMexi have already answered players’ pleas with the T.O.O.L mod, Arnie Sims is taking things to the net level with this add on. Here’s an explanation on how it all works from the modder’s website:

The way this open world works is different than the ones in The Sims 3 though. In Brookheights, there?s a single active lot in the middle, and a huge playable & interactive area all around. This was made possible when I started creating interactive shell buildings a few months ago. They are buildings that are either ?Open Venues? or ?Rabbitholes?.

There are no loading screens in Brookheights and Sims can do things like rent a lodge in the Greenmount Forest, go to a Broadstreet Musical, drive a car, go to the gym, graveyard, outdoor-cinema, City Hall, grocery store and more.

Sims can technically live there, they just can’t own the single lot. A bit like visiting Batuu in the Sims 4 Star Wars: Journey to Batuu game pack, but not entirely. Sims can stay as long as they like if they pay their rent on time though. They can also get a job if they – get this – apply for a work visa. It sounds pretty cool.

Oh and for those who want cars in The Sims 4, there’s a feature description that reads:

Buy your own car and drive it! You can even route your car, giving you more control over how your sims drive. Want a faster car? Go to the Vehicle Court in West Brookheights, you can buy a new one there!

Hop on a plane, fly first class if you can afford to, visit the whole world and go to the City. You can even drive the planes, if you become a pilot.

Excited yet? Yep, so are we. Check out the video trailer below or head over to Arnie Sims’ Pateron page for more info on how to get the mod or checkout their website for other mods and more info on Brookheights.

Sims 4 open world mod: Brookheights video trailer