Sims 4 Paranormal Stuff: Freelance Paranormal Investigator career details

The new Sims 4: Paranormal Stuff Pack will be released on 26 January 2021 with the pre-pack patch going live this week just before the deep dive live stream.

At first glance, Paranormal Stuff looks like it will have a lot to offer players, even if Bonehilda’s return has had a lukewarm reception.

One of the great things about this upcoming pack is the way Sim Guru Conor has shared little details about what players can expect. It’s something we saw with Nifty Knitting, too, and it can make such a difference to keeping expectations in check and help the hype ahead of a pack’s release.

Through blog posts on the official Sim forums, players have some behind-the-scenes insights into what goes into making Sims 4 DLC.

The new pack will include a career that OG Sims players will be familiar with: Paranormal Investigator. Ever since the first edition of The Sims, there has been some sort of career option in the paranormal sphere and now, after more than six years, The Sims 4 is on board, too.

What we know about the new Paranormal Investigator career

The Sim Gurus previously shared that the new career ? despite being freelance ? will be an active career. That means you get to follow your Sims to work and help them do their jobs.

This week, in the second dev blog about the upcoming pack, Sim Guru Conor shared some more details about how the career will work. Here’s the extract from the blog over on the official Sims forums.

The Paranormal Investigator Freelance Career is kinda special, and only available for elite Sims with a Paranormal Investigator License. Sims can get the License by becoming a master Medium and becoming certified by Guidry, or by purchasing one in the Reward Store.

This career is aimed for Sims who have mastered the paranormal and will have to use everything they?ve learned while living in a Haunted House to their advantage.

The gigs for this career are pretty straightforward. You?ll be sent 3 gigs to choose from, either an Easy, Normal, and Hard Investigation. Once you select your preferred difficulty, you?ll be instructed at 9:30 pm to go out on an investigation to an undisclosed location.

Where will the investigation take you? Anywhere! (Well any residence at least!)

Sometimes the Pankcakes will have a bit of a Specter infestation, sometimes Goth manor will need an exorcist. It’s your job as a Paranormal Investigator to go wherever the action is, and snuff out any unwanted spirits.

You also won’t just be sent to premade Sim houses, but also your own created households! Your other played Sim families might be in need of a spooky exterminator too! And don’t worry, the house won’t be permanently haunted either (You?ll have control over that with the Haunted Lot Type!).

Finishing these gigs on time leads to all sorts of weird and strange rewards. Feel free to hang up your Specter-in-a-Jar as a trophy. Or amass a collection of exorcised dolls! There’s tons of strange stuff to acquire!
Since this is a freelance career, feel free to take these gigs whenever you feel inspired to snuff out some spookiness. These gigs can be demanding on your Sims psyche, but thankfully they pay fairly well.

Remember to prepare your game ahead of the Paranormal patch, especially if you use custom content or mods. A new Scared emotion, as well as a Brave Reward Trait, will be patched into the Sims 4 base game, amongst other things, so there will almost certainly be a few glitches this week.