Sims 4 platform update: Apartments can use sunken floors and split levels

We have a feeling we?ll be doing a lot of content on the new platforms function added to The Sims 4 with the Snowy Escape update. The patch, released on Tuesday, was a whopping 1.77GB and it fixed a whole bunch of stuff. It added a whole bunch of stuff, too. Seriously… it’s a great patch.

But as a builder, the first thing on the list was to check out how the new platform tool works (all while testing mods and CC to see what is working and what is broken, of course).

The new Sims 4 platform build tool is already blowing my tiny little mind and I?ve only used it for about 20 minutes. Let’s start with looking at how the platform tool can work in apartments. Or rather, one specific apartment ? let’s be real, there is A LOT to test.

Sims 4 platform tool: Sunken floors and split levels in apartments

The first thing to note about using platforms in apartments (the one we tested in at least) is that it can be used to lower the floor level. Here’s a quick look at a single tile attempt (really, this is so exciting) at sinking an apartment floor.

Sims 4 Platforms Update Apartment Uses (4)

As you can see from the cover image of this article, the entire floor can be lowered, too. Snazzy sunken lounges are no longer for the snobby Sims with ground level foundations, it seems.

But perhaps most impressive of all is the split level functionality that can now be used in apartments. While this will no doubt take some time to get used to, building real lofts is finally possible.

Sims 4 Platforms Update Apartment Uses (2)

Just look at her, towering over her kingdom atop of a platform with a bed like it’s a real city loft or something. The platform is accessible with stairs (pretty sure it can work with the ladders, too, just got too excited to figure out how to make that work). What a time to be alive.

Quick update: A very quick check suggests that similar builds will be possible in the dorms from Discover University, too.