Sims 4 Relax in Bed interaction: A bit limited when combined with others

While bunk beds were the biggest highlight for many players, The Sims 4 March update included a few other things, too. One of those things is the ability for Sims to now simply relax in bed.

You know, that utterly mundane activity that most of us have forgotten how to do because, you know *gestures vaguely* this.

But before you go rushing your Sims off to get cosy on the comforter, there are a few things worth noting.

If you choose the Relax in Bed interaction, that is all your Sim is going to do. Even if two Sims are relaxing next to each other, they can?t have a conversation while relaxing.  

To be fair, the game’s tagline is ?Play With Life? after all and perhaps this is some meta way to underscore how other people just aren?t relaxing at all.

Nothing happens if two Sims just sit and relax next to each other though. Although, according to the official patch notes, there are some additional relaxing options available ? like Simflix and chill if two Sims are relaxing together and there is a television within viewing distance. The patch notes stated:  Sims can now relax in bed while doing relaxing things like watching TV, even from the top bunk. I may never want to leave my bed again!

Although, even when just relaxing on their own, Sims really cannot do anything else. The ?Read Under The Covers? interaction was also added in the patch (and it’s super cute) but Sims can?t read on top of them.

Sims definitely can?t check their social media while relaxing (both because you know ? nothing about that is relaxing and also because of what we have been discussing).

They can?t even sit and be gross while relaxing. Well, not in our tests anyway. We tried to get our Sim to perform the two “be gross” interactions while sitting and relaxing and they got up both times to erm, break wind.