Sims 4 Snowy Escape update: Glitches with apartments and MCCC

Update: The second MCCC hot fix has solved the problem with the larger-than-the-lot apartment placing. Make sure you update your mods accordingly.

The new Sims 4 update, released on 10 November 2020, was a big one. It added the ability to build on split-level platforms (including in apartments), the ability to vacation in any world and Sentiments – a personality overhaul for Sims – amongst many other bug fixes.

While glitches are common with mods and custom content after a Sims 4 update, there are also some in-game glitches that might occur. These can be caused by using mods and CC or simply by the new changes to the game. 

The official EA help forums are a good place to report these problems. You should always test to be sure that the issue is being caused by the updates to the game itself and not because of mods that you might be using. 

If the issue is as a result of your mods, make sure you have the latest version installed and you have cleared your game’s cache.

Sometimes, even when you have updated these, there can still be problems with your game. These are usually fixed by the modders in later updates, but they are worth knowing about so that you know what to avoid.

Snowy Escape Sims 4 update: MC Command Centre glitch

An example of such an issue is a glitch that occurs if you are using the MC Command Centre mod (which has had a hotfix rolled out since the November 2020 Snowy Escape update for The Sims 4). 

We still need to do additional testing on other apartment lots, but the issue is definitely present with the Fountain View penthouse in San Myshuno.

The glitch occurs when you try to place a penthouse lot that is larger than the lot you are building on. For example, if you try to place a lot that is 30×30.

Usually, the lot would simply cut off the parts of the build that do not fit. In this case, the placing of the penthouse lot is causing the shell building to be demolished, rendering the lot unusable. 

We have tested with all other mods except MCCC removed and the error persists, although it is not immediately apparent what the cause is. To be clear: The Sims 4 and MCCC as well as other mods, still worked as expected in all our other testing, as long as you avoid placing the larger lot.

Below is a screenshot of the lot that has been completely bulldozed after the larger sized lot was placed. When trying to place anything, the game simply gives a “System Error”.

Sims 4 Apartment Glitch Mccc Snowy Escape Update

In our initial testing, the lot is not fixable without forcing the game close (unlike the error with Pinecrest Apartments being completely demolished, for example).

For now, you should be fine using MCCC and other mods after the new Sims 4 update, just don’t go placing any lots that do not fit. And keep an eye on Deaderpool’s official channels to check for new updates to MC Command Centre.