Sims 4 speculation: Body hair might be coming in an update soon

Update: The Sims 4 will release the base game patch for April 2021 on Tuesday, 27 April. The Inside Maxis live stream will follow at 20:00 SAST (11:00 Pacific Time).

It has been pretty quiet over at The Sims 4 HQ over the last few weeks. The April Laundry List has been released, but there has been no confirmation on a date for the next Sims 4 base game update.

The Inside Maxis live stream in March revealed some snippets of what is coming to the game in the future, but with no road map for upcoming content ? and no plans to release a Sims 4 road map for 2021 ? we are getting a little antsy.

As it turns out, there might have been a wee hint on the official Spanish Sims Twitter account that we missed. At the time of writing, the tweet was still there, so maybe we are looking too much into things.

Sims 4 body hair speculation: A leak from Spanish Sims Twitter?

On 16 April, the official Spanish Twitter account for The Sims posted a message which translates (according to the internet’s auto-translation tools) to something along the lines of ?you have eaten?.

spanish sims twitter body hair

But it is not the content of the text so much as the screenshots that caught the attention of eagle eyed Simmers.

The arm that is visible in the screenshot seems to have body hair on it ? a feature not currently available in The Sims 4 base game. Not without using custom content anyway.

While The Sims 4 does not officially support custom content, it is not unusual for the team to use it in their games and the official accounts do sometimes share player? screenshots that make use of CC.

So, while it might just be one of those things, there is one other reason why we think there might be something in this theory.

Earlier in April, Luumia Sims, a CC creator who was also part of the team that put together the 21st-anniversary update for The Sims 4, announced that they?d joined EA as a cinematic artist for The Sims.

While we are sure the development of assets take much longer than a few weeks and it is probably just a coincidence, it is worth noting that Luumia Sims is a CC creator who has made some incredible body hair additions to The Sims 4.

And, just for good measure, in the post about joining The Sims team, Luumia did write: ?Fingers crossed you’ll get to see some of it in a trailer or screenshot.?

It was also quite notable that Spanish Sims Twitter shared two screenshots ? with one a close crop of the arm. Sure, it was probably more to focus on the hand sign, but you know, when it’s a slow news day, you gotta do what you gotta do.

H/T YouTuber Simmer Erin .