Questions we still have about the Sims 4 Star Wars pack

The Sims 4 Star Wars: Journey to Batuu will release on 8 September. That’s pretty soon. The pack was unveiled at Gamescom earlier this week and so far, the response to the pack has not been all that great. We remain hopeful that things might improve.

On the official YouTube trailer, dislikes far outweigh likes (74k vs 33k at the time of writing). In an independent poll from earlier this year, Sims players put a Star Wars type of pack at the bottom of the list for things they wanted.

For players who have not watched Star Wars (that is us, too, by the way) or who do not know much about the franchise, the Sims 4’s new game pack trailer was pretty confusing.

While we will reserve full judgment until we have seen the live stream that delves into game play, the pack did not blow our hair back at first glance. Although, if that’s a gambling interaction we spotted in the trailer, we might be a bit more interested.

Despite being initially underwhelming, Eco Lifestyle turned out to be one of our favourite expansions (aside from all the bugs ? not the ones in the insect hotel), this pack is a bit different.

There are a few questions we still have which will all hopefully be answered in the livestream. When that will be, we do not know just yet. Although, it is expected that it will be this coming week – with the pre-pack patch also dropping soon.

Usually, Sim Gurus spend some time on Twitter answering questions after the release of a trailer. But the response to the Sims 4 Star Wars pack has been so visceral, that they (completely understandably) laid low since it dropped.

By no means are we suggesting fans cannot voice their opinions. We are just saying that we do have some empathy for the developers and the Gurus.

That being said, here are some of the questions we would like answered about The Sims 4 Star Wars: Journey to Batuu pack.

Sims 4 Star Wars game pack: Questions we have

Is the world a vacation only world?

From the official pack description, it is not clear if the Batuu world will be a vacation world or residential. It is not even clear if it will be either. Sims might only go to the world on visits (and not stay over). In the trailer, we didn’t see anything that resembled lodgings, so we are not even sure if Sims will be able to stay over in Batuu.

Is it a story type of game play?

The StrangerVille game pack is a personal favourite from a build perspective. But the pack follows a story line that cannot really be replayed.

Once it’s done, it’s done. The description of the Sims 4 Star Wars pack seems to suggest there will be a story line type of play. It might be repeatable (Dark Side vs not, etc), but it appears as if it will be largely restricted to Batuu itself.

Are there new life states or are those costumes?

Sims Journey To Batuu Game Pack life states or costumes star wars

With a storyline play in mind, are all the Star Wars characters life states or are they simply in costumes?

If they are in costume, is there a way to stop townies dressing up in alien-type heads and Storm Trooper pants while also wearing their wrestling masks?

We know that the base game already has several Star Wars costumes, so are we just getting more outfits?

Can you build that space ship or is it a debug object?

Sims Journey To Batuu Game Pack star wars space ship build

Can the spaceship flying around Batuu be edited? And if Sims can construct it, can they fly it around Willow Creek? If Sims can construct a space ship themselves… did the game really just get space ships before The Sims 4 got cars?

Can kids use the light sabres?

sims 4 star wars journey to batuu light sabres

we know the answer is probably not, but we still want to know a bit more about how game play is going to work with light sabres. We suspect it will be similar to how wands work with Realm of Magic (and the duelling grounds in the Magic Realm), but is there more to it?