The Sims 4 Studio Cheats Useful

The Sims 4 Studio CC creator has some very useful cheats

If you are not familiar with The Sims 4 Studio, you should be. While it is mostly known for helping custom content creators ? and players who use Sims 4 CC in their games, S4S can also be useful in other ways.

For players with custom content in The Sims 4, the studio can be very useful when a game update breaks a bunch of CC. Often, the team will roll out a batch fix to help players fix their CC in one click.

While the work for a batch fix for the broken windows, doors and arches after the Star Wars Journey to Batuu patch continues, S4S previously had batch-fixes for broken bath tubs after the Island Living patch and many others.

For players who use CC, The Sims 4 Studio can also help to manage swatches, deleting the ones you don’t want or use, for example. It can also be helpful to improve CC lights (so that they are the correct shade of ambience if you like).

The Sims 4 Studio: How to use cheat commands

 One somewhat under appreciated use of The Sims 4 Studio, though, is simply looking at the existing objects in the game ? whether you use CC or not.

Whether that’s purely down to curiosity so that you can discover all the delightful debug shell buildings in the game or finding this boat, for example.

The Sims 4 Studio Giant Boat

You can also use it if you want to recreate an existing objects in The Sims 4 and put it in build buy for a cheaper price.

How to list cheat commands in The Sims 4 Studio

A little known, but very useful, trick is to use the studio’s very own cheat commands. To open the cheat console in The Sims 4 Studio, hit SHIFT+CTR+C on your keyboard. You can enter ?help? to list all the cheat commands.

The most useful cheat command for anyone who just wants to see which objects exist in the game is: object-preview. This will bring up a catalogue of all the in-game objects like this.

Sims 4 Studio Object Preview Cheat

A full list of cheats for The Sims 4 Studio can be found below.


Enables alpha channel in all material states of an object package.


Allows previewing CAS items (Studio and Warehouse) without creating a package.


Displays geometry state information in the current package.


Removes all geometry states from a package.


Attempts to reconstruct data lost from editing the Sim head mesh. Only try this if you are making a head replacement.


Shows a list of all cheat codes.


Generates a list of all geometry states referenced in tuning.


Generates a list of icons found in the tuning files.


Generates a list of all material states referenced in tuning.


Generates a list of all sound effects in the game.


Generates a list of all visual effects in the game.


Allows previewing objects (Studio and Warehouse) without creating a package.


Generates a list of all of the objects in game and and the tuning it uses. Used to compare pre-patch to post patch tunings in case some have been changed or removed.

Exports all resources in the package as text files to a folder with the same name of the package. File names are sequential by type. Useful when using a diff tool to compare similar packages to find the difference.


Exports all resources in the .package to a folder with the same name of the package. Resources use naming convention that allows them to be used by package.import.


Imports all resources that found in a folder with the same name/location as the .package


Extracts all resources in a package in the “loose” format. The game will load some resources in this format without them being in a .package.


Displays all tracked resources that are still in memory.


Starts tracking resources opened by packages.


Stops tracking resources.


Locates the package containing a particular instance id in the Mods folder. ex. “resource.find 123456789”. Can be useful when a lastException.txt contains a resource instance of a piece of broken content.


Syncs changes made in the rig resource to the slot resource. The Rig/Slot editor does this automatically after each change now.


Finds packages with more slots than the game supports (180)


Finds packages with more slots than the game supports (180). At the time the max seemed to be 195, but EA confirmed it is actually 180.


Counts all deco slots in a package grouped by slot size.


Un-rotates all deco slots in a package.


Finds and removes duplicate decorative slots (same exact position) from a package.


Exports all meshes and textures from a package. Meshes are extracted as .blends instead of binary. Used in conjunction with studio.importall.


Imports all resources from a package that were exported with studio.exportall.


Generates test textures. Example “testdata.textures 10” will generate 10 test images.


Shows all items in the tray folder and has an option to export a saved sim as a .SimInfo resource.