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How to build that Sims 4 sunken lounge with a surrounding pool

If you are reading this when it is not summer in your part of the world and you’re longing for those lounging by the pool days, live vicariously through your Sims. It’s super simple.

sims 4 sunken pool lounge tutorial

Ever since The Sims 4 added platforms in build mode, players have been coming up with ingenious ways to use them. From building custom bunk beds to creating split levels and figuring out how to build usable rooms underneath the platforms.

You have probably also seen the sunken lounge with a pool surrounding it. You might even have tried to replicate it in your game and been told the old ?can?t connect different clusters?.

But, dear Simmer, we are here to tell you that building a sunken pool lounge with platforms in The Sims 4 is quite straightforward. It is completely base game friendly, too, and the pool is usable.

Sims 4 build tips: The sunken lounge ?inside? a pool

We are going to keep this tutorial short and sweet and assume you are familiar with the basic build controls in The Sims 4.

You should not need to turn move objects on to do the basic build. However, since we never play with it off, we suggest you turn on that lovely bb.moveobjects cheat just in case.

Start by building your pool in whatever shape you want it, leaving a rough space for where you want your sunken lounge area to go.

If you are really advanced, you could even build an island that Sims can only access by bridge. If not, we?ll have to write up a tutorial for that on another day.

Once you are happy with your layout, build a basement under the lounge area in the pool. Once you?re done, select the basement and remove the ceiling.

basement remove ceiling sims 4

Now you can either use the platform tool to fill in the space or use the arrow controls that show up when selecting a room to get the sunken lounge to the height you want.

After that, add some stairs and you?re done. If you drag your stairs right to the edge of the pool, your Sims will dive right in straight off the stairs. You can decorate the walls as usual with anything from the paint category rather than the ‘platform foundation’ category.

sim diving into sunken lounge pool

Decorating and furnishing the sunken pool lounge has the potential to be a bit annoying, especially when placing items in corners. So, if you are comfortable with using mods, you might want to consider using the TOOL mod for a more deft touch.

Dropping down a level to the basement when placing furniture and objects will also mitigate some of the most annoying parts of the pool-lounge decoration, but be prepared to shake your fist in fury at least once.