Sims 4 team investigating genetics glitch with skin tone update

The Sims 4 rolled out a new skin tone update earlier in the week, adding over 100 new skin tones and additional customisation sliders to the base game.

The update brings some long-needed representation to the game since it first launched six years ago. The patch was released a day early on Monday this week.

Overall, the update is hugely positive, but there is one problem. As noticed by several prominent Simmers already, when two Sims with different skin tones have a baby together, the child will always have a lighter skin tone.

This happens when the ?play with genetics? option is used in Create-a-Sim as well as in Live mode. Using the randomise option in CAS always results in the child having a lighter skin tone.

In CAS, it does not matter what age the randomised child is either, the result is always the same. The outcome is also the same regardless of whether both parents have a skin from the same “tone” (warm, neutral or cool).

The Sims 4 team have already acknowledged the issue and said they are looking into it, though no ETA on a fix was given at the time of writing.

At fist we thought this might be related to custom content skin tones. Since the update, no CC skin tones are showing up in CAS. Custom content make up as well as CC skin details and overlays remain usable, however.

Sims 4 Skin Tone Update Glitch Genetics Cas Child

However, we tested this with all CC removed and the problem persisted.  We also tested with a brand new save file, selected parents in random order and a few other options.