Sims 4 adds limited time Too Many Toddlers Scenario to the game

sims 4 toddlers scenario

A new limited time Scenario has been added to The Sims 4.

Just a day after The Sims 4 update that officially introduced Scenarios for the base game, a new limited time Scenario has been added.

Officially titled the Too Many Toddlers Scenario, players might recognise some elements from the 100 Babies Challenge and others like Toddler Mania.

In an blog post on the official Sims website, The Sims explains the Too Many Toddler Scenario as follows:

We all know, toddlers need tons of care and attention to become the best versions of themselves. But what if there are too many to handle??

To all the brave Simmers out there, can your Sim figure out how to give a bunch of toddlers (3) all they need to reach level three in four skills so they can get the Happy Toddler Reward Trait on their birthdays?

How to access and play

Players that downloaded the patch on November 2nd will have access to currently available Scenarios via the Main Menu following these easy steps:

1. Click on the ‘New Scenario’ button on the Main Menu

2. Choose the Scenario you’d like to try out

3. Once you’ve selected your Scenario, choose whether you’d like to start a new save, or use an existing save. At this time, a Scenario can only be started in a new household. We’re working on bringing existing households into Scenarios for a future update!

4. Once you’re in CAS, create your household making sure to complete any requirements.

5. Next up, choose your world and lot.

6. Enter live mode, and enjoy!

Sims 4 Too Many Toddlers FAQ

Can I use an existing household to play Too Many Toddlers?

For Too Many Toddlers you have to use a new household. For selected future Scenarios, it will also be possible to use existing households.

Will there be more limited time Scenarios in the future?

Yes! More Scenarios, new variations to existing Scenarios as well as new features will be added over time.

How many possible outcomes are there in Too Many Toddlers?

You tell us ?

Can I continue playing with the save file of the Scenario afterwards?


How long is Too Many Toddlers going to be available?

Too Many Toddlers will be playable from Wednesday 11/3 10:00am PT to Wednesday 11/17 10:00am PT.

Can I play Too Many Toddlers for free?

Yes! Too Many Toddlers is free for anyone who has the Base Game.

Can console players experience Too Many Toddlers?

Yes! Console players can play Too Many Toddlers the same time as PC players.??

Can I play Scenarios with an EA Play subscription?

Yes, as long as you have updated the Base Game with the patch you will have access to Scenarios.

Too Many Toddlers – Quick overview

Here are some screenshots from the newly added Too Many Toddlers Scenario – pretty straight forward.

sims 4 too many toddler scenario limited time
sims 4 toddler scenario
sims 4 toddler scenario new

Sims 4 Scenarios can be cheated

Scenarios have had a mixed response from players. So far, Scenarios have mimicked player-created challenges like Rags To Riches. For players who want more robust gameplay, Scenarios do little to enhance their experience.

Other players, though, say they enjoy the more structured approached, especially when it comes to keeping track of what can and cannot be done with specific challenges.

Regardless of their preference, many Sims 4 players have noted the lack of acknowledgement for the players who created the challenges, which obviously served as the inspiration for these new Scenarios.

And while sometimes the game will judge you for cheating, like when adding a Scared moodlet for your Sims, Scenarios are painfully easy to cheat in The Sims 4, without any real consequences. And consequences is exactly what many players want from their gameplay.

Here’s a screenshot of the Too Many Toddler Scenarios being completed successfully, with a few simple Sims 4 skills cheats.

sims 4 toddler scenario cheats

Even the addition of a limited time Scenario makes little difference to the appeal of playing these through. When these expire, players can just do it anyway. With little difference and somewhat underwhelming returns (the Sims rewards points are neither here nor there and can be cheated too), it’s hardly gripping gameplay.

Interesting, though, is the FAQs that were included in the official blog post that announced the Too Many Toddlers Scenario. It is not clear where these questions were frequently asked, but the ‘can I play it for free’ leaves a slightly uneasy feeling that Kits might one day also include Scenarios, especially with the new ‘delivery’ system coming to the game in a future update. Yikes.