Sims 4 November update: Platforms in build mode

The Sims 4 will roll out a new free update for the base game ahead of the release of the new Snowy Escape expansion pack. There are a few cool features being added, but one of the most exciting ones for builders is the ability to build on platforms.

The Snowy Escape live stream took an in-depth look at all the features that come with the new expansion pack (and the free base game update ahead of its release) and the platform build feature looks pretty amazing.

How platforms will work in The Sims 4

While some things might still change ahead of the update being released, we thought we’d highlight some of the key features we noticed in the live stream. The screenshots below are all taken from the video of the stream.

Platforms in The Sims 4 will certainly make building split-level lofts much, much easier. It will also allow for building stages (hello, band pack speculation…) and allow for more effective use of the terrain tools.

Stacking platforms

Platforms can be stacked on top of each other, creating a stairs-like effect. Sims can only access platforms that are one bar high, though. For accessing others, you’ll have to add stairs.

Sims 4 Platforms Build Update (7)

New half-wall heights

Because of the different platform heights, there are also new half-walls available.

Sims 4 Platforms Build Update (11)

New foundation paint

Painting platforms by adding half walls

If you don’t like the look of the foundation paint, you can add half walls next to it and paint the walls whichever colour you want.

Sims 4 Platforms Build Update (13)