Sims 4 update or pack speculation: Foodie Sim Gurus

Note: Unless stated as confirmed by The Sims 4 at the time of writing, speculation posts are just that – speculation and theories. Read the latest Sims 4 rumours and pack speculation theories here. Or see all the latest news and updates for The Sims 4 here.

The Sims 4 will be getting new content before the year is over. The game is set for another expansion pack and possibly even a stuff pack. We do not know what the theme is going to be for either of these, we just know that they are happening.

Before we proceed though, remember that our speculation articles are not meant to be taken seriously. They are light-hearted and fun and unless otherwise stated, nothing has been confirmed by EA.

Fortunately, the Sims Gurus are here to keep us on our toes as always. Over the last few days, there has been a bit of a ?food off? going on over on Twitter.

There is also the possibility this could be nothing, of course, but this is The Sims ? we are always suspicious.

We first thought that the Tweets could be hinting at ?bed and breakfast? ? which would tie in with a romance pack theory. But now we are not so sure anymore.

The breakfast food Tweets were followed up with more dinner-type foods. First, Sim Guru Ninja and Sim Guru Bat battled it out over brisket and buns.

Then Sim Guru George joined in with some brisket of his own and mushrooms on the side.

Now, of course it could just be that the Gurus love to cook. And they have not seen each other in person in a while due to lockdown restrictions around the world. But we also remembered two other things.

First, remember Sim Guru George’s “collection” of randomly Tweeted items? One of them was the pig in a chef’s jacket.

We still don’t know for sure if those objects actually meant anything at all or if they were just Sim Guru George having a bit of fun. But we have been looking at old surveys for any sort of clue about what content to expect.

Back in April 2020, a survey about “potential ideas, additions and changes/new features” to The Sims 4 did include “Culinary Quest” as an option.

That included the option to “take on the role of master chef” and “find the best ingredients, create recipes and keep that kitchen running through the dinner rush”.

That survey appeared to ask more generally about the Sims 4 base game rather than an DLC. Perhaps the Gurus are not hinting at DLC, but possibly updates coming to the base game.

We certainly can’t wait to find out what’s cooking.