Sims no longer wash dishes where they angry poop

The Sims 4 has many quirks and jokes that make players snigger. Some bugs are downright scary ? like children ageing up with their limbs all out of whack ? and others are just annoying.

Some become a sort of running joke while modders come to the game’s rescue to fix these menial bugs. One such bug is the problem with Sims washing dishes in the bathroom.

That led to the creation of the Don?t Wash Dishes Where You Angry Poop mod. Yes, really. If you do not play the Sims 4 often, then this might sound very strange.

It is, but it’s also peak Sims. Basically, Sims would rebel against the existence of perfectly good and functional sinks and dishwashers in their kitchens and insist on doing the washing up in the bathroom.

Why? We do not know. Perhaps this is why they have thus far failed to become sentiment and take their revenge.

Anyway, back to the dishes where Sims angry poop. The mod allowed/allows players to set individual sinks on any lot to enable or disable dish washing at that sink.

Funny, sure. Annoying? You bet. But that might have all changed with the November 2020 Sims 4 update.

In the patch notes for the Snowy Escape expansion pack update, there is this little promise:

Sims no longer ignore the kitchen sink and dishwasher to wash their dishes in the bathroom sink. Okay.

Those not familiar with The Sims 4 might simply gloss over this fundamental gameplay change. But OG Simmers have taken note.

We have not played enough in live mode to comment just yet (we’ve been far too obsessed about the fact that platforms are probably the best thing to ever happen to build mode), but we’ll be sure to keep a beady eye on the situation.