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The Sims 4 My Wedding Stories pack is so broken, it got its own Laundry List

The Sims team have finally acknowledged that the new My Wedding Stories Game Pack is very, very broken.

What should have been a fun Sims 4 Game Pack and one players have been looking forward to ever since Kits became the DLC priority for EA (despite promising that would not be the case), has turned into one big mess.

Even before The Sims 4: My Wedding Stories was officially released, there was controversy. EA backtracked on their decision to not release the pack in Russia ? a decision they claimed was because they?d have to adjust their messaging due to ?federal law?. Players were quick to point out that wasn?t the case.

The release date was then delayed and released globally, but the pack was still full of all the bugs that were apparent during the pre-release live stream.

Despite the brokenness of the pack and players raising the issues across platforms, there was no acknowledge of players? frustration from the powers that be.

Sims players are not unfamiliar with the lack of communication, though, so tiresome as it might be, it was hardly a surprise.

On Thursday, there was finally some acknowledgement from The Sims team that the My Wedding Stories Game Pack is very, very broken. So broken that the team released a Laundry List of issues which are being ?investigated?.

The list was littered with corporate speak that said a lot without actually saying the bugs will be fixed for sure or committing to a release date for the issues.

One of the big draw cards for the pack was that Sims would actually all sit down for a wedding ceremony ? something you?d think would have been part of the base game by now.

 Good news, though, a resolution is being investigated. That might or might not resolve the issues and it might or not be released soon.

We?ll cut the snark there and just leave the official Laundry List for The Sims 4 My Wedding Stories below. It is posted below verbatim, and edited only for brevity and style in places.

Sims 4: Laundry List for My Wedding Stories ? 3 March 2022

Welcome back to the Laundry List, where we share a list of the top community concerns that we?re currently investigating for resolution in an upcoming patch. At this time, we are addressing the technical issues we understand you have been experiencing in?The Sims? My Wedding Stories Game Pack.

We are aiming to issue an upcoming patch that prioritizes the below and more, with a deployment of improvements from our dev team:

  • Please Take Seats update for receptions and prevent blocking of other player-directed activities
  • Walking Down the Aisle adjustments
  • Invite Sims from both sides of the wedding, regardless of which Sim is planning the event
  • Guests arrive in their proper clothing
  • Guest attire stays selected after closing and reopening Wedding Planner
  • Improvements to Sims gathering for dessert time
  • Improvements to Sims gathering around the cake
  • Improved the amount of time needed before Wedding Cakes spoil
  • Cake toppers no longer floating
  • Cake model looks correct after cutting and serving
  • Adjustments to the Passionate Kiss animation
  • San Myshuno World Center park appearing in the wedding venue list
  • Paired dancing improvements

You can expect two individual patch updates in the coming weeks, one that will release ahead of this My Wedding Stories patch of featured improvements.