The stupid things Sims do in The Sims 4

It has been years since players have been able to get rid of Sims by simply taking out their pool ladder. While our virtual friends and foes have become a lot smarter as the game has evolved, they still get up to some really stupid things.

And we know that it is not really our Sims making these daft decisions, but some niggles in their programming. But what’s the fun in moaning about game code when you can pretend that the virtual beings are sentient?

We have already looked at some of the most annoying things about The Sims 4, so we are zoning in on the Sims themselves. This is not a site trying to hate on the Sims. Far from it.

We do enjoy laughing at the idiosyncrasies that make this game, though. Some of these irritations can be fixed with mods. Some do not occur if you only have The Sims 4 base game. Regardless of their occurrence, we still love this game and these Sims. Okay, except maybe for Eliza Pancakes.

Bob their heads needlessly for hours on end

Not in a Bob Pancakes ?Set as Head? kind of way. Quite possibly one of the most irritating things about The Sims 4 as a whole is Sims sitting around just smiling aimlessly and nodding their heads silent beats. And we don’t mean like they have those silly earbuds in.

Letting Sims do their thing autonomously can have some hysterical results, if that’s the way you play. Unless they just sit around being useless and wetting themselves because they have been sitting around for so long.

Fall asleep when there is a bed available

You would think that they?d learn to get into a bed when you have been instructing them to do so and their autonomy is turned on.

And yet, that is not always the case. Perhaps Sims revel in discomfort as some sort of Stockholm syndrome response to years of trauma they have been put through by players.

Freeze to death because they refuse to go inside

It’s the Welcome Wagon in winter. Sims arrive and when you invite them in, you all end up having an intense conversation outside. So intense that none of the Sims seem to notice that they are all turning a rather unpleasant shade of blue and everyone is about to die like some sort of Freezer Bunny cult sacrifice.

And you leave them there. Because it’s their own fault.

Hire useless caterers

We know, we know. We are actually the ones hiring the caterers, but we really cannot stand those caterers who never do their jobs. We wish our Sims would revolt and refuse to use them in retaliation.

Do things where they angry poop

Washing dishes, prepping food and all sorts of other fun delights.  Sims make the strangest life choices. It is a known bug in The Sims 4 which remains unresolved, according to the official EA bug reporting thread

The Don?t Wash Dishes Where You Angry Poop has come to the rescue of many Simmers? sanity. You can find it on ModTheSims ? but use at your own risk.

In case you are not familiar with this phenomenon, Sims have an unusual affinity for washing dishes in the bathroom. ?Even while another Sims is in the bathroom.