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The Sims 20th anniversary’s hot tub is a damp squib

The Sims celebrated its 20th birthday this week, but the party has gone down like a lead balloon.

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The Sims franchise turned 20 years old earlier this week, but the community is up in arms about the way the game developers marked the occasion.

It’s the community’s party and they’ll cry if they want to ? and they have been crying foul.

Many expected – or at least hoped – that two decades of the franchise would be celebrated in a big way. But all Simmers got was a reskinned hot tub.

Ever since a small patch was released on Tuesday ? which included minor bug fixes and the offending hot tub ? Sims communities from the official forums to YouTube and other social media channels have all lamented the lack of festivities.

The hot tub in question, many noted, was simply a reskin of the hot tub that came with the paid-for Patio Stuff Pack a few years ago. Some Simmers are upset that a feature that they had to pay money for has now been made available for free. Others feel that the occasion should have been marked with something a bit bigger.

Most are aggrieved that they have spent thousands of dollars on the game over the last two decades and hoped to be rewarded for their loyalty.

The community?s hopes aren?t without precedent. For The Sims 4?s fifth anniversary, for example, Simmers were gifted with updated, configurable stairs.

While the so-called Sim Gurus did warn players to keep their expectations in check ? even the most cynical would not have had their hopes this low.

Simmers do have a tendency to get carried away, but this again is fuelled by the way the game frequently drops hints that something is in the works.

Hardened optimists are hopeful that something else might still be coming. The official blog post on EA?s website noted that the hot tub and Tuesday?s patch was to “get this thing started” ? a line which might indicate that there could be more to come.

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