The Sims 4 needs a baby update if only to fix the ?baby debug object? weirdness

Over the last few months, there has been much speculation that the babies from The Sims 4 will be freed. That’s freed from their bassinets and for Sims to interact with them more than they currently are.

Simmers have come up with a few good theories on why they think it might be happening soon.

Most recently, the release of the Nifty Knitting Stuff Pack allowed baby onesies to be knitted. These are super cute outfits which Sim babies can wear. Sims can?t knit anything else like baby booties or beanies for the little ones, but the addition of knitted onesies resulted in many Simmers speculating that this must surely be a hint that the long-await baby freeing was coming.

Before the announcement of the Nifty Knitting Stuff Pack and its baby onesies, there was also a theory that centred around an image used by The Sims 4 team on social media. The baby in that render   looked a bit? different. Bigger, freer, if you will.

Sims 4 Baby Update Babies Objects Fix

But to date, there has been no update for babies in The Sims 4 and no confirmation that it would or would not happen.

Now, all players have their own style and some will want a baby update and others don’t care. But everyone can probably agree that The Sims 4 could do with a baby update simply because of the weirdness that is the baby as a debug object weirdness.

If you aren’t sure what that refers to, let us explain. Because of the way Sims 4 babies work at the moment, they are essential ‘objects’. So, when you turn on the debug object cheat in build/buy mode, a baby will show up as this incredibly creepy object in the catalogue.

The Sims 4 Baby Debug Object

Yeah. It’s weird. Dogs, cats, fish and an assortiment of other living things all show up as objects, but really… the baby gets us every time we’re browsing debug mode.

A baby update in The Sims 4 is not very high on our wish-list of priorities, but a simple fix for this would not go amiss.