the sims 4 burglars

The Sims 4 team are “thinking about” burglars

Being a Sims fan can be hard work. Not that clues to what the game might hold in the future isn’t fun, but sometimes we do wish for a straight-forward answer.

And now we have another mystery to solve.

One of the notable NPC absentees from The Sims 4 is the burglar. OG Simmers remember these very well, especially from the first iteration of The Sims franchise. The music was enough to give you nightmares for weeks.

No such dramas in The Sims 4, though, despite having an active police career to play with.

Responding to a question on social media on Monday, though, Sim Guru Frost, global community manager for The Sims said: “Burglars have a special place in all our hearts, can’t/not confirming anything but know we’re always talking/thinking about them.”

Here’s the Tweet.

Ah. The mystery.

Perhaps, though, The Sims 4 team have been hinting at burglars returning to the Sims at this for much longer. One of the windows released with the Island Living had an interesting description. It read:

The Snapper Security Window is the latest in island security. It works kinda like a rat trap. Crooks are attracted to an open window like a rat to a dumpster, but when they try climb in – SNAP! The shutter drops down on the perp like the long arm of the law – trapping them instantly, and securely. 5-0 is immediately alerted so clean up is a snap too. Just 3 minutes after the trap is sprung, the cops are at the window to drag that desperado off to the slammer. Remember when the light is green the trap is clean!

snapper security burglar hint sims 4

Isn’t that interesting?

Sim Guru Frost further responded to a request to “not make the music as scary as TS1” by saying: “so make it extra scary is what you’re saying?”

Well then. We’re watching. We know that there most likely is a big base game update in the works ahead of the launch of the new Eco Lifestyle expansion pack. It’s already been confirmed the coming Sims 4 base game update will include ladders – might it include some of our favourite and long lost NPCs too?