There might not be a March 2020 patch for The Sims 4

The Sims 4 community might be in for another disappointment in March 2020. On the back of an underwhelming 20th-anniversary patch and hot tub, it’s not clear when or even if there will be a patch for the game in March.

While players have been speculating and adding their wishlist on the forums as usual, @SimGuruFrost said on Twitter that there’s no release date for a patch yet. The curious wording included “should a patch be coming”.

He was responding to question a Simmer asked after it was revealed that there would be no Maxis Monthly in March either.

On the official Sims forum, many remained hopeful, pointing out that his respond said to be determined, not a flat out no.

Gamers hope that the to be determined patch means that there might be an announcement of a new game pack coming soon and that the next patch could involve some elements that tie in with the new pack.

The patch that preceded the Tiny Living pack released this year included elements that were central to the pack – like bookends becoming functional and the ability for Sims to upgrade their beds.

A recent job posting on the official EA website called for voice artists to assist with work on the game’s ninth expansion pack, but that isn’t likely to be released until much later in the year.

A game pack announcement is the more likely, but Simmers have been getting very anxious with precious little information coming through the usual channels.