Throwback: Iconic Sims Build/Buy objects – Beds

The Sims franchise turned 20 in 2020 ? very fitting. But the current iteration of the popular PC game, The Sims 4, is quite some way off the first edition that ignited the cult following.

While the game retained some of its original elements throughout the years, things looked very different back when it first launched.

While motherlode has become The Sims 4 cheat to become rich, klapaucius was the original money cheat in the game. The interface also used the Comic Sans font. Seriously.

OG Simmers remember the game fondly, though, and thanks to the magic of the internet and technology, so can we.

Those who played the original version of The Sims will have fond memories of removing ladders from pools finally being able to afford the futuristic toilet.

Over the next few weeks, while we await news of the next Sims 4 expansion pack and possibly another stuff pack, we?ll be taking a trip down memory lane, celebrating the garish and grotesque decorations that made us fall in love with the game in the first place.

And for those who never got to play this diabolical delight, we hope you enjoy the throwback back as much as we enjoyed playing it.

Iconic Build/Buy items from The Sims: Beds

Whether you played the original Sims or not, you have probably heard about one of the game’s most iconic objects: the vibrating heart bed.

As tacky as it sounds, the Vibromatic Heart Bed added the option for Sims to “play” in bed. For some of us, it also served as our first birds and the bees talk.

Sometimes while playing in bed the “Should we have a baby?” prompt would appear. Other times, the baby would just arrive.

Sims Heart Bed Original

Choices for beds in the original game were somewhat limited and if you played without cheats (yes, we actually did that), your prospects for a comfortable night’s rest were somewhat grim.

This was especially true for single beds. Pretty sure this monstrosity still gives us nightmares.

The Sims Original Single Beds

Oh, but the rewards was so sweet when you could eventually afford to upgrade to the brightly coloured monstrosity and eventually something a bit more elegant. The version below is actually a recreation for The Sims 2, available on ModTheSims.

Sims 1 Child Ed

Double bed pickings were slightly less distressing and somewhat better swatched.

Sims Original Beds
The Sims Original Beds

We pinched some of these screenshots from Andreva on YouTube. Next challenge: Install a version of the original Sims on Windows 10. Gulp.