sims 4 single counter dining cc

Save your Sims 4 Cafe builds with this custom content floating counter

Functional and fab, these floating counter tops for The Sims 4 will make building those cute Caf hatches so much easier and so much more stylish.

sims 4 cc jumping frog bakie gaming 2

Sims 4 CC to up your Courtyard Oasis game, with or without the Kit

With or without The Sims 4 Courtyard Oasis Kit, this custom content will make your worlds much more wholesome and lively.

batch fix broken chairs cc sims 4

There?s a batch fix for Sims 4 CC chairs that broke after bunk beds update

Broken barstools and chairs be gone. If your custom content broke after the recent Sims 4 update in March 2021, there is now a batch fix available for repairing them in one go.

sims 4 custom content slide for kids

Sims 4 base game CC: A standalone slide at last

A standalone, base game slide for The Sims 4 is, somehow, not part of the game after all this time. Luckily, there is custom content for that.

sims 4 cow mod cc milkable

Cowabunga! There’s a Sims 4 mod for a milkable cow

Time to milk the puns until the cows come home, thanks to this team of creators who have made a cow mod for The Sims 4. Not even a bit sorry for all the terrible puns about to follow.

Sims 4 Planters Gardening Cc Ravasheen

Simple gardening CC for The Sims 4 to save you hours

Love gardening but don’t love the process of gardening in The Sims 4 so much? No worries, there’s a bit of custom content to make the process a little bit quicker.

Sims 4 Functional Bunk Beds Cc Set

Dreaming about Sims 4 bunk beds? Dreams come true

Whether The Sims 4 will ever add in bunk beds feel like far less of a concern when there are custom content creators doing amazing work and creating beautiful sets like these.

sims 4 cellulite skin detail overlay

Add a bit of realism to The Sims 4 with this cellulite skin overlay

If you want to add some more realistic skin details to The Sims 4, this subtle cellulite overlay is a great find.

Sims 4 Paranormal Stuff Pack Trailer Screenshots (130)

Sims 4 January 2021 Paranormal update: How to prepare your game

The Sims 4 base game will get an update on 21 January, ahead of the release of the new Paranormal Stuff Pack. Here’s what we know so far and how to prepare your game before updating.

Sims 4 Vintage Fashion Maxis Match Cc

Sims 4 Maxis Match CC: Vintage style clothes for male and female Sims

If you’re looking for stylish vintage-inspired clothes for The Sims 4, HappyLifeSims has some stunning Maxis Match CC to choose from.