Like building simulation games? Viking City Builder looks intriguing

Screenshots all taken from the gameplay trailer.

We might not have gotten our wish for The Sims 4 to get a Viking or Norse Mythology inspired pack, but there is something else to fill the void.

Described as being in the classic building simulator gaming category with real-time strategy included in the game play, the game was announced by solo developer Roslagen recently.

Viking City Builder Game Steam (4)

Like other era-simulators, Viking City Builder will task players with building quintessential Viking buildings for their conquerors to settle. There will be blood and battles between Viking troops and medieval European armies.

Viking City Builder Game Steam (19)

The pre-alpha footage and trailer recently released on Steam looks impressive, even more so when you consider this is the work of a single person.

Viking City Builder Game Steam (22)

Classic Nordic landscapes are dotted with Viking architecture. Ship construction, training for battle, hunting for food and housing settlements all feature in impressive detail in the trailer.

Viking City Builder Game Steam (3)

Viking City Builder will rely on recent RTX efforts to bring the Viking era to life. The game’s developer notes: The game features stellar graphics powered by the Unreal Engine. It is also first strategy game that uses Ray Tracing to enhance the visuals! The Northern Fjords were never before as gorgeous.

Viking City Builder Game Steam (6)

Viking City Builder game features list on Steam:

  • Fortify your settlement and battle the Europeans, who want to take back their territories.
  • Pillage neighbouring villages for valuable resources.
  • Build real-life structures, taken out straight from Viking historyManage the settlement, assign tasks and various professions and build a strong economy.
  • Take on an adventure and sail through the seas and rivers.

While no release date has been set for Viking City Builder yet, the developer listed their contact details alongside the Steam listing, welcoming ?questions or suggestions.?

Viking City Builder: Video trailer