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Voice actor shares how Sims fight in Simlish video, but is it a hint?

If The Sims Twitter accounts RTs something, was it even shared if somebody does not speculate about what it might mean for future content? Wait, do not answer that.

how sims fight in simlish video

It has been a bit of a news drought with all things Sims in recent weeks, so we are not even going to try and pretend we are not hankering for a bit of speculation.

Although, even by our standards, speculation on what this clip might mean is probably a bit of a stretch since we do not even know the date for this month’s Sims 4 base game update. But, let’s crack on anyway.

How Sims fight in Simlish

Recently, Krizia Bajos, a long-time voice actor for The Sims, shared a video on TikTok captioned: Real #Sims session courtesy of #greatbigstory with my partner in #Simlish crime @thescottwhyte  #SimTok #SimlishChallenge. The same video was later shared over on Twitter, with the caption “How Sims fight”.

Like we said, we are really reaching here, but might the mention of crime relate to burglar NPCs finally making a comeback to the Sims 4 base game? We live in hope, we do at least know that The Sims 4 team have said they are ?constantly thinking? about burglars.

There is not much more to go on, but that’s not gonna stop us from trying. We know, shameless – but honesty is the best policy, especially with the algorithms going buck wild and seemingly denying our very existence. But we digress. First things first – here’s the video itself.


Real ##Sims session courtesy of ##greatbigstory with my partner in ##Simlish crime @thescottwhyte ? ##SimTok ##SimlishChallenge

? original sound – Krizia Bajos

Now, we should clarify that it’s not clear whether the clip is from a recent session or if it’s older footage. Krizia shares loads of Simlish clips over on TikTok, so let’s not get carried away (we know, right?). And the publication tagged in both the TikTok video and the Tweet, Great Big Story, actually shut down in 2020 – so it is almost certainly an old clip.

Oh well, that bit of speculation was good while it lasted. Neeb.