When are Sims 4 packs released? [infochart]

Will we see Paris? Will we see France? Will we see a baby update in The Sims 4? Simmers are patiently (well, not so patiently…) waiting to hear or for a hint on what the next Sims pack will be.

When the team released their six-month road map earlier in the year, the sequence of packs were Expansion – Stuff – Game. The expansion has already been released – The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle dropped at the start of the month. Next then, is the Stuff Pack. Now, most believe that this should be the community driven Sims 4 Nifty Knitting Pack… but what if it isn’t?

There’s also a Sims 4 game pack to look forward to in the coming months and that’s one of the packs the community is desperate for any bit of info for. There’s been a lot to keep busy with since the June base game update and the release of the expansion, but Simmers are always looking for something more.

Recently, rumours start to surface that there might be a Sims 4 France or Paris pack coming soon. What that will look like, nobody actually knows… but that doesn’t stop us from speculating, right?

There’s also a bit of speculation around whether the base game might finally get a full baby update, adding a bit more game play to the tiny humans who are currently rendered as mere “objects”.

When will the next Sims 4 pack be released is the question everyone wants answered. Can history tell us anything about what we might expect when?

We took a quick look at when the Sims 4 released packs.

When Sims 4 packs are released by month

when sims 4 packs are released by month

July and August seem to be good months for Stuff Packs, which would tie in perfectly with the current six-month time line. That leaves just the game pack – which has never been released after September.

Here’s hoping the “major first” for the game pack the team referred to wasn’t some arbitrary reference to the month in which it’s released, huh? We’ll keep you updated.