Explained: Who the Springboks will play in the RWC quarterfinal

The 2019 Rugby World Cup hasn?t even reached the pool stages yet and already it’s turning out to be one of the most exciting tournaments ever. The fixtures for the quarterfinal matches went down to the last day of pool matches for most teams.

But most intriguing of the lot has been who the Springboks will come up against in the 2019 quarterfinal of the Rugby World Cup. That decision won?t be known until the result of the match between Japan and Scotland is known.

The final pool match was at risk of being cancelled due to adverse weather. But, it has proceeded and it is thrilling. If you want to follow the action live between Japan and Scotland, head over to our live blog.

In summary: while Japan a vs Scotland is going on, the Springboks do not know who they will face next. What drama!

RWC 2019 quarterfinals: What we know for sure

  • England will play Australia
  • New Zealand will play the runner up of Pool A
  • France will play Wales
  • South Africa will play the winner of Pool A

There’s a lot resting on Pool A, even more so since the fixture between Japan and Scotland

Are you keeping up? Thought so. Best to follow the live Rugby World Cup 2019 Pool standings here.