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Why automation is a good thing

By: r7nS2oxlYX

Published on: Jul 19, 2018

Social media automation software is used to automate or semi-automate the process of sharing posts and content on social media channels. Automation software also makes it possible to share on multiple social networks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) simultaneously.

There are plenty of benefits to social media automation, including:

  • Efficiency: Scheduling a lot of posts in advance that can be shared on multiple networks while simultaneously saving you time.
  • Easy to use: The user experience is smooth sailing. You quickly plug your social profiles into the tool and start scheduling.
  • Business growth: The more consistent and active you are on social media, the higher traffic you’ll drive to your website. This means more business and better search engine results.

Before we get too deep–let’s make sure we’re on the same page. This is our guide to all things social media automation. We’ll cover areas like how to get started, how to optimize your social posting and how to make the most of automation tools.

What You Can Do with Social Media Automation

There’s a common misconception that automation tools are meant to make social media marketing a completely hands-off process. This isn’t the case.

While social media automation tools can save you time and effort, it’s not going to replace what needs to be done by a human.

Here’s what can be done with an automation tool:

  • Schedule and optimize posts for the most engagement
  • Curate content from blogs you love
  • View reports for valuable insights across multiple networks
  • Create custom responses to common customer queries with chatbots

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