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Camera on Lenovo running Windows 10 not working? Try this

No need to turn the computer off and on. There is an easy fix if the camera on your Lenovo running Windows 10 has stopped working.

lenovo windows 10 webcam not working

If you are one of the few people who are still bothering to turn their cameras on for this new work-from-home era of online meetings and your camera has stopped working ? do not panic.

The grey screen of doom is an issue many Lenovo laptop users running Windows 10 have been battling with. Fortunately, in most cases, there is a pretty simple fix that you can do yourself without even needing to turn your computer off and on.

The solution is straight forward, but it?s not an obvious one, so it might not even form part of your standard troubleshooting. This article is for people who do have a basic understanding of troubleshooting, though.

If you are a complete rookie and usually called the IT department when you were still in the office, you should probably give your remote support team a buzz instead.

How to fix a grey camera screen on Lenovo PCs with Windows 10

The first time you see the grey screen while reporting for an online meeting, you might simply assume it?s one of those things that happens sometimes. Sometimes these things glitch, sometimes newly installed software blocks the camera ? so you might assume it?s just one of those somethings.

But then it happens again. And again. Then you try to access your camera without being in a meeting because you miss seeing the pixelated version of yourself that much and the problem is there again. The grey screen of doom.

Luckily, you are technologically savvy, so you begin some of your troubleshooting bits. Or, if you haven?t gotten to the troubleshooting bits, you can try them now.

If you have already gone through the process of checking that your camera is turned on in the settings menu or through one of the Function keys and you?ve checked that it?s not your anti-virus/internet security software to no avail, you might be getting a bit worried.

If you have also checked that your drivers are up to date in Device Manager and the camera is still not working, there is one more thing you can try to see if you can fix the issue.

 Lenovo laptops come with an application called Lenovo Vantage. You can access it through the Start menu (or search for it if you can?t find it immediately).

From the start-up screen, hit the drop-down arrow next to Device in the top menu bar and click on Display & camera. Scroll to get to the Camera section and look out for the Camera Privacy Mode.

If this is toggled on, toggle it off and you should your pixelated existence replace the grey screen of camera denial that?s been causing you so much consternation.

lenovo camera not working on windows 10 easy fix

Should that not work, though, you might want to reach out to your tech support or head over to the Lenovo forums for assistance.