World Series Sevens 2020: Most tries so far this season

It’s been a mad old season in the World Series Sevens so far. And with the cup finals at the 2020 Canada Sevens springing a few surprises, things could get madder.

So, we before things get out of hand, we thought we’d take a quick look at how the stats are stacking up for tries scored so far this season. Just to contextualise that having one player running rampant doesn’t always guarantee success. It helps, sure, but, it is still a team game.

Before the start of Vancouver finals day, Ireland’s Jordan Conroy leads the way by some distance. Before finals day at the 2020 Vancouver Sevens, he’d scored 26 tries across the 2019-20 season. Another Irish teammate, Terry Kennedy, also features in the top ten.

Interestingly, just one player from series leaders New Zealand – Regan Ware – features in the top seven. Second-placed South Africa has just one player in the leading seven as things stand – Angelo Davis. Olympic champions Fiji have three players on the list, but they’ve had an under-par season by their standards.

All of this can – and will – change on finals day in Canada though. If you’re not near a TV and you want to keep up with the World Series Sevens action over in Vancouver, you can catch our live updates here.

World Series Sevens 2020: Most tries before Vancouver finals day

Most Tries Before Kos Candana 2020

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