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Bunk beds in The Sims? Well, they exist in the mobile version

The Sims Mobile got bunk beds before The Sims 4 - all the way back in July 2020 already.

Bunk Beds In The Sims Mobile

While more optimistic Simmers are hopeful that bunk beds will be patched into The Sims 4 base game soon ? if you interpret one of the Future Cube hints as such ? we just want to take a step back for a minute and gather ourselves.

We are not sure how we missed this, but The Sims Mobile already got bunk beds with an update this year. Yep, with The Sims 4 Eco Workshop update in July 2020, mobile players got bunk beds. Insert *cries into tea here*.

Ever since the release of the Island Living expansion pack in 2019, Simmers have been eagerly anticipating the arrival of bunk beds any day now. Island Living added a ladder for water lots, which ended up remaining just that.

The release of Discover University again ignited hopes that bunk beds might arrive, but nope. Tiny Living brought back the Murphy Bed, but no ladders. It wasn?t until the release of the Eco Lifestyle expansion and the free base game update that preceded it that The Sims 4 finally got ladders.

But still no bunk beds. To this very day, no bunk beds. Our souls are aching.

Bunk beds in The Sims Mobile

It’s a GIF to make you weep, but here it is. Just in case, like us, you missed it. Although, most of you probably didn’t miss this, because Simmers see EVERYTHING.

We can only hope that the bunk beds added to The Sims Mobile (those colours look very Tiny Living Stuff Pack, don?t they?), that it means we?re seeing bunk beds in The Sims 4 for both PC and console soon.

We?re off to go shake a Future Cube. Yes, yes, we know. Not EVERYTHING is a hint about future content. But we’re starved for news here,

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