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Sims 4 Builds: Wine/Nectar cellar and tasting room with no CC

If you can't visit an actual tasting room, then just use this wine cellar build from The Sims 4.

sims 4 wine nectar cellar tasting room build 4

We?re big fans of custom content for The Sims 4 ? modders take the game to the next level without charging anything for their amazing talents.

But every once in a while, challenging yourself to build something without any CC can be extremely rewarding. Especially when you’ve spotted an awesome house that’s just made for the room you have in mind.

Building with no CC in The Sims 4 forces you to think differently about some objects. Or if you just need to work on your patience skill.

The debug cheat in The Sims 4 is a treasure trove of useful objects, especially since the introduction of unlocking the ?live edit? objects. But this wine/nectar cellar and tasting room keeps things simple.

sims 4 wine nectar cellar tasting room build

All that this build required was plenty of time and buckets of patience. Click, place and repeat.

A useful tip for replicating repeatedly placed objects like the bottles on the wall in this build is to create a room around them and then just using the copy function.

sims 4 wine nectar cellar tasting room build

That method can be quite finicky, though, especially if you are trying to get objects snuggly together.

sims 4 wine nectar cellar tasting room build

This was first shared to the gallery a few months ago. It has now been extended to be slightly larger and include some of the Fizz from the Eco Lifestyle expansion pack.

sims 4 wine nectar cellar tasting room build

The tables are equipped with glasses for tastings and water to cleanse your palette afterwards. Each taster also gets a free notepad and pencil to jot down tasting notes, so you can sound as pretentious as everyone else at the next party.

You can grab the wine cellar and tasting room build from The Sims 4 gallery over here or search for the Origin ID mspr1nt in-game. This room pairs perfectly with this Cape Dutch style farmhouse.

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