Create-A-World mod for The Sims 4 coming soon

There is an old saying that goes: Whatever EA can and can’t do, modders will do and do it better. Okay, there is not really a saying like that, but but over the last six years of the existence of The Sims 4, mod and custom content creators have breathed new life into the game.

While The Sims 4 did recently make some progress in terms of more diverse representation with the December skin tone update, there is still a lot missing from the game.

Some of these things are entirely down to the foundations of how The Sims works. Like free babies, for example. Babies have always been an object ? which is a potential minefield if they were to be ?free? from their cribs and added as a life stage.

There are other things players want too, though. Like a farming expansion pack. Luckily, there will soon be a mod for that. But players also want the ability to design their own worlds.

This is sort of one of those grey areas in The Sims 4. While players cannot technically create a world from scratch at present, you certainly can enhance it quite dramatically by using the T.O.O.L mod.

One of the challenges with the game is that it needs to remain compatible with slightly lower spec machines. That sometimes means sacrificing some of the more high profile features like building a world.

But once again, luckily, there are modders for that.

A mod to create your own world in The Sims 4 is being released soon

Arnie Sims aka The Sims Plus, the creator behind the incredible Brookheights Open World Mod, announced on Wednesday that a world edit mod is in the works.

A short teaser, released alongside the update on Patreon, said that all will be revealed on 14 December. While the announcement in itself is not new – we knew back in October already that this was in the works – we now have a date for the new mod.

Arnie previously shared some sneak peeks of what players can expect from the Sims 4 World Edit mod they’re working on.

My World Edit feature will bring hundreds of new debug items that were never unlocked in the game before & it won?t flag your builds as modded on the gallery + you can place them anywhere in the worlds! Might release this mod as a standalone

We can’t wait to see what comes next from Arnie. But we have just one burning question: are the worlds still round like the other worlds in The Sims 4? We guess we’ll just have to wait until 14 December to find out.