Sims 4 Brookheights Open World mod also adds stunning new maps

By now you?ve probably heard about the Sims 4 Brookheights Open World mod. If you have not, firstly ? where have you been? Secondly, go and check it out and support the creator ? it is next-level amazing and there is a Sims 4 farming mod in the works by the same creator, too.

The final version of the mod is now available for public release after months of hard work by Arnie Sims aka The Sims Plus.  The mod does require The Sims 4 Get to Work and The Sims 4 City Living to be playable, though.

The latest release includes an auto-installer, making the process of turning the mod ?off and on? a breeze. The only slight downside to the mod, even with the installer, is that you still have to run a ‘repair’ of your Sims 4 game after uninstalling it. This can take a bit of time if you have most of the DLC packs.

If you are worried about how the December 2020 Sims 4 update might impact the mod – no need to fret. At the time of writing, there were no reported issues with Brookheights following the skin tone overhaul patch.

The world is not quite ?open? to the level of The Sims 3 (that’s just not going to happen with The Sims 4). But it brings a whole new dimension to the game and offers a refreshing new way of playing.

While the main appeal of the mod is the addition of the open world, Brookheights, there is another feature that’s almost gone unnoticed.

Brookheights open world mod adds beautiful maps to the Sims 4

The mod also changes the world maps of some of the neighbourhoods in The Sims 4. The maps are so good that it even makes Magnolia Promenade look like a place you’d actually want your Sims to visit. Seriously.

The maps are actually a standalone mod by the same creator, which is still available for download if you don’t want the Brookheights mod.

Willow Creek, Newcrest, Magnolia Promenade, Forgotten Hollow, Del Sol Valley, Sulani and Granite Falls all get a fresh new look with the standalone Better Maps mod or the Brookheights mod.

To give you a sense of what we’re talking about, here are some screenshots of the new neighbourhood maps taken from our game.

Willow Creek

Willow Creek Better Maps 4k Brookheights Sims 4


Newcrest Better Maps 4k Brookheights Sims 4

Magnolia Promenade

Magnolia Promenade Better Maps 4k Brookheights Sims 4

Forgotten Hollow

Forgotten Hollow Better Maps 4k Brookheights Sims 4

Del Sol Valley

Del Sol Valley Better Maps 4k Brookheights Sims 4


Sulani Better Maps 4k Brookheights Sims 4

 Granite Falls

Granite Falls Better Maps 4k Brookheights Sims 4

If you download the Brookheights mod, the maps will replace the default look of all the mentioned neighbourhoods regardless of whether you are playing with the Brookheights save or not. The neighbourhoods will return to their normal look once you remove the Brookheights mod.

But after seeing just how stunning worlds in The Sims 4 can look, you might want to download the maps mod standalone for when you are playing without Brookheights, too.