Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle Expansion: Official trailer and possible gameplay, art style

Cover photo: The Sims 4 – Brindleton Bay

The Sims 4 will launch their ninth expansion pack, Eco Lifestyle, in June. A whirlwind day on Tuesday , which included a fake leak and then a real leak, has left the community in all sorts of states. The official trailer and further details will be revealed when the trailer goes live at 15:00 on Wednesday.

You can watch that further down this post, once it premieres, but there might be some suggestions from previous community votes and surveys on what to expect.

Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle: Hints from other surveys?

The Laundry Day Stuff Pack, a community decided pack, was somewhat controversial as many Simmers thought they’d be getting the eco-lifestyle during the voting process. Much like the Knitting Stuff Pack due for release later this year, these surveys allowed Simmers to vote on some of the features they might like in a pack.

Here are some of the features which featured in

Off the grid lot trait (already added with Island Living), well/water pump, solar panels and a wind turbine (as seen in the teaser) were all listed as options. Food preserves with canning and preserving, nectar making, composter and recycling all featured in that survey as option, too.

The white board ideas which was shared with the community at the time of the vote, makes for pretty interesting reading, too. It features both the eco-lifestyle content, the Tiny Living content (which was already included in the first Stuff Pack of 2020), as well as the return of Servo (included in Discover University). Take a look below.

Many of the themes are recurring. Or as some Simmers noted, recycled – with the irony not being lost on anyone.

The vote for the art style in that survey might also suggest or hint at what Simmers might be in for with the eco pack. The alternative to the style that won Laundry Day was this.

See the recycle bins? The counters look somewhat similar to the ones from Island Living, so this pack could very well feature a blend of “old school live of the land” as well as the more modern eco-conscious trends that many have started to embrace.

More will be revealed with the trailer later on Thursday.

Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle: Official trailer