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New Sims 4 game pack to be unveiled at Gamescom Opening Night Live

It's been confirmed. The new Sims 4 game pack will be unveiled at gamescom on Thursday.

Sims 4 Gamescon Watch Live Time Info

Simmers have been getting increasingly frustrated with the REDACTED lack of news from The Sims 4 team in recent weeks. An icon which many believe to be the icon for the next Sims 4 game pack was accidentally leaked three weeks ago.

That leak has sent us down a spiral of speculation that has involved some weird and wonderful theories.

But not a peep from The Sims 4 team. Well, actually several peeps but we don?t speak peep so we have been winging it with the translations.

One thing we do know is that Electronic Arts will be at gamescom this week. And that might mean we could get something from The Sims 4 team then.

We might also get a little sneak peek of what to expect on Wednesday before gamescom ? but we are not going to get our hopes up.

gamescom: When is it and how to watch

The event will take place from 27-30 August 2020 with 27 August being the big opening night. The opening night will feature a show that is two-hours long with a 30-minute pre-show beforehand.

While gamescom isn?t somewhere The Sims have had big reveals before, but it would not be completely unusual. Some even joke that this might be the ?major first? the team was referring to (please don?t).

In fact, gamescom Opening Night Live is being billed as the thing to watch ahead of the weekend. It will feature new game announcements, world premieres and trailer/gameplay reveals, according to the official gamescom website.

The headline show will feature 38 games from 18 different publishers, “primarily focused on updates from announced titles”, 

Gamescom Opening Night Live is scheduled to begin at 20:00 South Africa time on 27 August 2020 (that’s 11:00 PT / 14:00 ET /19:00 BST in other timezones).

If Simmers get no joy on the first night, there is also a Future Games Show scheduled for 28 August in an hour later time slot. This show will, according to the programme, feature “announcements, updates, reveals and more”.

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